Run the Gauntlet in parallel with Boss events

PapaBurger Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
I love Boss events because they are fun, but I also dread them because of the reduced iso-8 income. How about running The Gauntlet alongside boss events? The Gauntlet hasn’t been run in a really long time. 


  • Pritirus
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    100% agree. I really miss the gauntlet and iso during boss events is always so low, great idea! 
  • JSP869
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    There was once a time when I couldn't even beat the first round of the Gauntlet.

    Then my roster got stronger and I was able to beat it, but the first few nodes of the second round kicked my butt. I also couldn't completely clear the first round as I didn't have all of the required characters for the sidenodes.

    Eventually I did have them all and I was finally able to completely clear the first round, and get partway through the second round, but I couldn't beat it.

    I collected more characters, and my roster got stronger, and I finally beat (but didn't clear) the second round. But that third round? Wow!

    Gradually my roster grew and became stronger and stronger, and as I added more characters to my stable I eagerly waited for the Gauntlet to return so I could see just how strong I'd become.

    And I waited.

    And I waited.

    And I waited.

    And I'm still waiting.
  • jackstar0
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    Seriously, they could run the Gauntlet anytime alongside regular events and it would be welcome. It could even be a weekly super-sized version of the DDQ that resets every week and you can hit it whenever you want.

    I imagine that idea would be dismissed just due to keeping resources scarce... but I would like more options to play when I want to play (not on a refresh/shield schedule).
  • BeetleGeorge
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    Weekly might result in quite some stress but bi-weekly would seem a very nice idea to me
  • broll
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    I think this is a very good suggestion!