Duplicate characters

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Is anyone collecting duplicate characters? Or would it just be a waste of cover slots? I don't have enough ISO to level all the characters I have already, so I don't have any spare for duplicate characters, it just seems such a shame to sell all the extra Thors!


  • I keep extra 2 stars and above.
  • I didn't do enough research when I started playing (didn't know about the forum and character profiles) so I have a Lvl85 3-5-5 Thor.

    I've kept my other Thor covers and now have a 5-5-3 but he is Lvl6.

    Hoping for a respec option but if not I'll eventually get around to leveling the 5-5-3.

    Same problem with cWidow, 3-5-5 and cStorm/marvel now magneto, can't remember their skills levels but I know it's not what I want now that I can see what they would be with 5 levels in each ability.
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    Right now just thor, rag, c. Storm are getting doubles. I might start a second c. Magneto or spiderman if i max their covers soon.

    Other than that most characters aren't worth a second spot.
  • None of them are worth getting doubles of given the cost of cover slots
  • I had dupes of Thor and c.Storm but as of the cover space price hike, have ditched em. I do have a dupe Juggs because I quite like him and you can be more wreckless with headbutt spam.