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I have an idea on how Supports could be distributed and leveled which hopefully should create a better environment to move as a community into a more positive evaluation of the feature.

My proposal allows Red-Iso to stay as rare as it currently is and for the costs for levels to also remain as high as they currently are. Here is my list of changes:
  • When a duplicate of a support is received it rewards levels in the support. The amount of levels rewarded depends on the type of token. The reward would be 1,10,25 respectively. If the levels awarded would exceed the maximum level possible for its current rank, the remainder of levels will be awarded as Red-Iso at the rate of 1000 per level (as Beginner Tokens award only one level this will never apply to them). 
  • If a support token rewards a higher rank for a support it no longer rewards Red-Iso at the same time and does not reward levels at the same time.
  • Beginner Support Tokens replace Standard Token rewards on scaling nodes in PvE (i.e. still get Standard Tokens on first three nodes).
  • Once a support is at the maximum level for its current rank, duplicates of the same or lesser rank reward Red-Iso instead of levels (as now). The amount of Red-Iso rewarded depends on which is lowest rank between the current owned and the duplicate (as now). These values would be greatly reduced from current values as duplicates would be more common on Beginner tokens. Rewards 250,500,1000,10000,25000 respectively. 
What this system does is allow incremental progression on supports, allows easier access to supports which contain up to the third perk if the player is participating in PvE regularly (a better incentive to play to the 6th clear on harder nodes) without sweeping changes to the system. Possibly a balance pass on the first three perks versus the last two but this appears to already have been balanced around the idea that the first three perks will be easier to obtain. Also it allows "incremental hoarding" as a a player will get Red-Iso rewards to store up for when they want to add those last few levels or also if they want to save up for when they rank up a favored support. This also allows the avoidance of pack dilution and truly "dead draws" over the long term as more supports are added. It emulates in some ways the 2-star farm as there is a larger multitude of recurring token openings which lead to incremental roster growth.

Of course the values and the idea are just a proposal, I would love feedback and suggestion on this. Please let me know what you think about the idea in the comments!  :smiley:


  • Phumade
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    I'm not sure why this is even an issue.  Everyone including the devs know that the current flow of support tokens and Riso is too restricted.  The only real question is when they will speed up the release of supports.

    Honestly,  your proposal is really just arbitrarily increasing the number of beginner support tokens.  While there is room to tweak the mix between Riso and support tokens,  that question is merely fine tuning the economy.  I'm not even worried about competitive balance issues, because the truth is,  supports haven't distributed deep enough to even speculate on how its changed the leaderboard.

    You might as well just say everyone gets 3x tokens and call it good with that.  In all reality,  They probably will just release more Riso and Support tokens in relationship to  how much RISO and Support tokens are redeemed on a weekly basis.

    I.E.  They will go with a slow rampup on riso and support tokens until they hit various distribution benchmarks.