How much is the newest 4* worth?

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I am playing the shield event, and for once, I have all 3 characters needed.  They are even covered enough that I could complete all the nodes and get the new 4* Black Widow.  But I would have to level my guys for this.  They are all sitting around lvl160, and would need (guessing) ~150k ISO to level to 209 to play the final nodes and get the cover.  

I plan to be hoarding for the next 9 months, so this would probably be the only cover I get of her, until the next PVE event (if I play enough to get the cover).  I'm also trying to save my ISO to champ all the 5* I get after hoarding and other 4* covers, so I don't know if I want to spend it now.

So, is it worth it to get the newest 4* for ~450k ISO?  


  • Dormammu
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    I'm in the same boat as you, with all the Training characters fully covered but only at level 150. I'm not going to level them to 209. I'll be getting covers for Strange Sights placement and Thick as Thieves progression, and Web of Spies progression.
  • Quebbster
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    Is anything in the game ever worth it? In the long run, one cover more or less matters very little.
    I mean, you could use the cover to unlock essential node in PvE, and you could play the solo node in SHIELD training to get one CP. Having all three essentials at level 209 would also let you get more Strange Sights tokens.
    I do believe it costs around 110 K ISO to level a fourstar from 150 to 209 though, so you'd only be out 330 K ISO in all.
  • Rod5
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    I would, but I’m a completionist so I would say that.

    Ultimately though, having more 4s levelled towards champing is surely a good thing? The more 4s you have champed the less wastage on LT/CP spend you have, whether you hoard or pull compulsively.
  • Sim Mayor
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    I wound up spending almost exactly that same amount to level my characters up just so I wouldn't have a hole in my roster. Your 5*s aren't going anywhere (unless you've got covers dying on the vine), so live a little and get a bit of extra gaming in :)
  • heybub
    heybub Posts: 287 Mover and Shaker I didn't listen to any of you (thanks for the advice though :smiley:)...I decided to not spend the ISO, cuz **** that, and just got her in the latest PVE event.

    I really do appreciate all the comments and advice, though.
  • Dormammu
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    Well, you sorta listened to my advice.  ;)