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Event Builder

What if there was a new method of play where coalition members enjoy a storyline or event made by their peers?

Pros for dev team: Mana Crystal sink, player made content for long term viability

How it could work.

A person can buy an event builder pack with mana crystals. The rewards of completion of a custom event are offered in accordance with current coalition tier rank .  Example 100 mana crystals buys an event which provides total rewards of: 1 random pack, 1 random rare card and x total of runes. 150 mana crystals buys all that plus some mana orbs for crafting. And so on.

Once a coalition member has an event builder they can create 5 different decks.  Each deck created must have at least 6-10 wins (bronze coalition tier-> platinum tier) in the training grounds to qualify for event building. This ensures some level of challenge for those playing your event.

For 150 mana crystals an event creation deck slot can bought for a planeswalker, otherwise after the event is over the deck is wiped.

Only members who have been a part of the coalition for at least 2 weeks are eligible to create an event. This is to give those loyal to a coalition preference.

One coalition event to be run at a time. The leader can determine which event will be next be choosing a member who created an event. The game can use a similar interface as if they are applying to the coalition. Instead the player is “applying” to the coalition to run an event.

Event making –

Once a Creator has 5 event ready (qualified see above) decks for 5 different planeswalkers. They can choose which builder package from the vault. The types of events made can be:

Storyline – This is a linear progression style like system as we see in the current game. The creator can choose from a list of stock images, title name and determine three objectives for each encounter.

1.       Choose what background from stock images what the battlefield the game will have.

2.       Choose loading screen stock image and create a quote..

3.       Choose an optional factor (modify life points, a precast support or unit on the board , choose what sets of cards are not allowed or no options (silver/ bronze coalitions only)

4.       All rewards are like all coalition objectives: 5 points for win, 2 points for second goal and 1 point for 3rd objective.  50 mana runes for a loss.

5.       Creator is rewarded the amount of times his event wins. Mana Orbs.

Node system – Coalition PvP

Plug your planeswalker decks in and set up objectives. If your PWs get defeated, then other coalition members will be “king of the hill”. Once your PWs are defeated you can make decks again to challenge the new king of the node. Timers on a node indicate your PW still owns the node. Rewards based on your performance. If your deck owns a node, all victories against challengers are 7 coalition point wins regardless of objectives.

Boss mode system

Choose a creature card to be a PW on a node.  1) Set life points 2) Choose any PW ability from package obtained 3) Set objectives 4) Options like loading screen, battlefield images , etc.

Final reward ideas:

Creators win mana orbs based on their PW performance.

Top 5 in event points: depends on tier package bought by creator, guaranteed rare card, x mana runes

6-20 – random deck, (sometimes tier package offers more) guaranteed random rare x number mana runes

21-40 – random deck (sometimes tier packages offers more) and mana runes

41- 50 – mana runes + tier package reward bonus

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