Boss HP getting out of control

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So I've been having this discussion with quite a few people by now regarding how long events have gotten. With charges ticking and having 5 nodes in parallel it becomes incredibly difficult to keep up with all the madness. Looking at Battle of the Four Tribes has made me realize that this is by far the longest PVE event in the game... yes, even longer than Avacyn Madness.

Initially I was under the impression that this was because of the larger number of nodes. But then I know people like multiple nodes for the extended content - we enjoy battling in these events.

Removing charge cap of course is a decent alternative as it lets people prioritize properly. Probably this would need to be balanced nicely with the boss HP (which in my honest opinion could be removed altogether as it is). And this is still something I would keep into consideration.

But then if we want to play more while also not spending enormous amounts of time on an event, what is the solution? And then it hit me: The real issue is that the overall boss HP has increased tremendously over the past years. At a short glance it would seem like giving a boss 500+ HP is the solution to making it very difficult. But in reality, it's not! It just makes the battle longer.

Recommendation: Cap all boss HPs at around 200. It's more than enough.
If you want to compensate for aggro decks and burn you're free to either add in lifegain, damage reduction mechanisms or other things of the sort.
From my past experience I found that if by the time I would deal 200 damage I am in a very bad position, I'm probably losing anyway. On the other hand if I am able to deal that amount of damage, I'm probably winning anyway. I didn't run into situations where I had a 200+ HP opponent at, say 10 life, and then surprisingly lose.

Looking for other people's feedback on this, but after some consideration I found it to be a reasonable suggestion.


  • DBJones
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    This is absolutely a big part of why Battle of the Four Tribes feels like such a drag. The other main reason being three battles against every one of 15 opponents is a ridiculous amount.
  • Mark_Tedin
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    BOFT will become unbearable when HOU rotates (mainly because of Imminent Doom/ Hazoret's Undying Fury).
  • Kinesia
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    BOFT will become unbearable when HOU rotates (mainly because of Imminent Doom/ Hazoret's Undying Fury).

    Umm, you're forgetting that _most_ people don't have those to start with. It's possible to beat all these fights without rare or mythics. People in Bronze and Silver are often more creative with solutions than those in Platinum.

    And, yeah, the time it takes them to play each node is longer and they don't finish everything because it takes forever but they get way more personal fulfilment and enjoyment...

    The guy who beat Bolas with a level 34 Chandra in a 3 and a half hour epic game was glowing with pride in a way I've never seen from someone in Platinum who has become a bit blase about stuff now.
  • hawkyh1
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    I find the boft event disrupts the flow of the game.
    eg cast spells objective puts you against an
    opponent that increases your spells cost. it's
    designed to be overly grindy.

  • Mark_Tedin
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    500 HP bolas is sooooooo grind. 
    Game freeze is more easy to happen than going to the match end.