Sharing rewards via Facebook

My Facebook friend and alliance member have not been able to share rewards the past couple weeks or so.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Every time we earn a reward we could share with one another the game tells us to invite friends.  We've been Facebook friends for years so I'm not sure why this started happening.  Also, I tried the invite friends button but it just posts a message to your wall.  Clicking on the icon on your wall simply takes you to the game and does nothing to allow sharing.  


  • abmorazabmoraz Posts: 562 Critical Contributor
    I've reported this before.  The answer is "Your phone/tablet didn't get a response from facebook's servers fast enough, so it thinks you haven't got any facebook friends."

    If you are seeing it consistently, then there is probably something blocking the request.  Are you on WiFi?  Is Facebook's API blocked by a firewall or corporate snooping software (note: this is different than facebook's website being blocked).  Did you install some sort of adBlocker or privacy app on your device?  Those will often block the APIs to get friend's list or to post on your behalf.

    I should note that the endpoint that saves your game to Facebook and the portion that gets your friendlist are 2 different domains, so one can be blocked while the other is not.
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