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Dear D3,

I do not want this to come off as a gripe message, but as a take away for the development team for things that should be addressed to benefit the game.  

MtGPQ is a great game with a devout and loyal fan base.  I do really enjoy this game, however it is becoming far more of a chore now, and instead of just ceasing to play, I would like to share some of the reasons I'm leaving MtGPQ after 2 years.  I also know there are many people from the top 5 coalitions that have recently left the game that share many of my frustrations.

From my point of view, this is not just a gem matching game.  This is a card collection, deck building, battle, and gem matching game.

Time to reward ratio is too low – more frequent rewards

·         Percentages for rare cards and above are ridiculously low

·         Purples need to be a guaranteed new card (Ex. it takes about 2 weeks to get 400 purples, and I can't even get a new card!)

·         Increase the amount of crafting tokens for duplicates

QA/Test things before pushing them live in the game

·         Broken events are released

·         Events freeze up and points are lost due to instability

·         New items in the Inbox link to web pages with errors (4/30/2018)

Gameplay Speed

·         Speed of the actual games is growing increasing long. Animation time takes way to long.  I have a video of part of one turn taking over 6 minutes.

·         Fast forward button?

·         Check mate button?  (Ex. Infinite cycle with key supports in play)

Broken cards

·         If, in the event of future broken cards, like Baral.  Let them be, do not change the card, change the match making.  Do not allow matches with a "broken" card, this will still let people have fun with it, and gives you flexibility to prevent frustrated users.

Other suggestions

·         Casual players – more story mode

I would love to hear if and how these issues can be addressed; can any timeline be provided?


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    They did say they're working on an option to skip animations, hopefully we won't have to wait long. The rest of this stuff really needs to be looked at though. I'm most hopeful about story mode, as they mentioned it was a lower priority awhile back, catching up to paper being before it.
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    dial the duration and number of matches we are required to play on coalition events considerably... reduce the grind, only require players in active coalitions to play twice per week, and for more limited periods of time.