Q&A with Oktagon - April Edition (4/27/18)

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Hi Everyone,

With the return to Dominaria coming soon, and players having gotten the chance to catch a glimpse of it in the recent update, the team took some time to answer a few questions players asked in the past question submission thread.
How will Legendary cards be handled in Dominaria?
For now, Legendary will simply be an Ability Icon that Legendary cards have. There will be other cards that work with Legendary cards, however if Wizards of the Coast decides to expand on the Legendary sub-theme in future sets, that might change.

Will Standard format be affected when Dominaria arrives?
Yes. The Amonkhet set will be leaving Standard when Dominaria arrives. Hour of Devastation, however, will remain in Standard for now

Will there ever be both a Standard and Legacy version of Training Grounds?

While this won’t be coupled with Dominaria’s release, we can confirm that there will be a Standard/Legacy version of the Training Grounds event within the relatively near future.

Are Rare cards permanently removed from rewards moving forward? Why are some event rewards going down?
No. Moving forward you will continue to see Rare boosters as rewards for events, as well as an increase in the Mana Runes gained.

Will fixing the bugs from Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan be a priority before Dominaria arrives?
You can expect some fixes to come along with the Dominaria Set Release. Be sure to check out its Release Notes once it’s out.
Thanks Oktagon! While the team unfortunately didn't have the time to go in depth with the next question, I personally wanted to talk a bit about event scheduling, and what goes on behind the scenes. 

How is the event schedule determined, and are there any plans to adjust it?

Both the teams here at D3 Go! and Oktagon have been discussing this to try and solve the challenge of creating a balanced schedule; one that ensures there is enough available content, while not burning out players with too much of it.

This can be tough though, as not everyone shares the same work/personal schedule, the same event interests, nor the same level of competitive drive. We try to gather as much information and perspectives as we can, which is why drastic changes don’t occur very frequently, before deciding to make any adjustments to the schedule.

In order to get as large of a sample size as possible, we plan on putting out a survey sometime in the near future that will ask the player base what their ideal schedule would look like. As always though, we do review player feedback and sentiment, so please continue to share your thoughts and opinions in the forum.

Thank you!
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