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I didnt want to post here since i felt no one will get around to it.. but here goes. 

There is a "show all cards" feature in the "Cards" section. I use this frequently and really like it to browse cards i do not own with the filtering function (unfortunate that there is no mock deck building feature in here but meh). However, if i turn it on and go to an event, it shows all cards i do not own when deckbuilding. This is good and bad.

Its good because then I can brew possible decks to share/recommend with others for a particular PW. Granted, you cant play with the deck but it gives you the ability to brew new mock decks with a particular PWs colors and deck limits (creatures, spells, supports), allowing me to see what cards i would like to get in the future.

The bad is that i cant turn it off in the event deckbuilding section, which means i have to go back to "cards" untick "show all cards" then go back to "events" select my PW and once again proceed to deckbuild.

Therefore, it would be nice to add/enable the feature (as in the "show all cards" toggle) in events/PW deck building section

Very simple suggestion, which I hope will be addressed. Of course when you guys have time but preferably sooner than later. At minimum, would be appreciated if you could tag it with working on it or aware so it doesnt feel neglected.



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    This is a bug, that box does show up in some event deck-building screens. There was a thread in the bug section some time ago, but nothing has been changed yet.
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