The Blackbird (X-Jet)

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Rank 1 - When you make a Match-5 or greater, improve 1 friendly Strike, Attack, or Protect tile by 27.
  • Level 50: 76 strength increase
  • Level 100: 127 strength increase
  • Level 150: 177 strength increase
  • Level 200: 228 strength increase
  • Level 250: 278 strength increase
Rank 2 - The supported character's base Blue match damage is increased by 13.
  • Level 50: 36 damage increase
  • Level 100: 60 damage increase
  • Level 150: 84 damage increase
  • Level 200: 108 damage increase
  • Level 250: 132 damage increase
Rank 3 - The supported character's base Red match damage is increased by 14.
  • Level 50: 40 damage increase
  • Level 100: 67 damage increase
  • Level 150: 94 damage increase
  • Level 200: 120 damage increase
  • Level 250: 147 damage increase
Rank 4 - Powers fired by the supported character deal an additional 121 damage to enemies.
  • Level 50: 347 damage increase
  • Level 100: 578 damage increase
  • Level 150: 809 damage increase
  • Level 200: 1040 damage increase
  • Level 250: 1271 damage increase
Rank 5 - When you make a match in the team's Strongest color, there's a 15% chance to gain 1 extra AP of that color.
  • Level 50: 20.9% chance
  • Level 100: 26.93% chance
  • Level 150: 32.95% chance
  • Level 200: 38.98% chance
  • Level 250: 45% chance, 2 AP gain


  • VizMantis
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    I got a rank 4 version of this one from the rollout R&G HfH deal, and I honestly can’t think of anyone that would noticably benefit from this at the 4* tier.  Pretty bummed that this is both limited to x-men only and has no bonus power for a specific character.

    The 2 match damage increases might be good for keeping someone in front, so maybe a further increase to Rogue’s tanking prowess?  That’s the best I can come up with, and not particularly thrilling.  I’ll probably just throw it on her unleveled and forget it exists, unless someone has a good idea for it?  

    It’s a shame, seemed like it’d be a no-brainer to devote all my rISO to whatever I got from my 1 master token, but I guess I’ll just hoard it.

  • Phumade
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    Your real problem is that there are no red/blue mutants in the 5* tier.  and with only PHX/OML/Gambit in the tier.  it isn't as if you had great options to begin with.

    at the 4* tier,  this really about 4clops and nightcrawler, both are red blue users and even at level 50,  50 points of match damage will definitively change who tanks what on a 4* tier.

    probably the most realistic use is for OML/gambit teams.

    my oml is 464 with 540 red match
    my gamit is 462 with 606 red match

    So concievable you could level the suppot to 100 give it to OML and he tanks

    red/yellow/black/blue and green and gambit only tanks


    even though OML has been passed by most 5*,  a true healer who tanks 4/5 colors from gambit is a great way to extend that team

  • Punisher5784
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    This is clearly made for Nightcrawler/Professor X teams.. if that's even a thing

    Increase match damage for Nightcrawler on red and blue, with the blue being able to tank to Professor X. When Nightcrawler fires Purple, it will deal an additional 121-1271 damage, plus if it makes more Purple there's a 15-45% it will make more Purple to start winfinity from Professor X's blue passive. Plus on the on Match-5's, it will buff special tiles up to 278 strength that Professor X's produces.

  • VizMantis
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    The OML/Gambit pair sounds great, but with my 5/1/1 OML, I sadly can’t pursue it.

    I had considered throwing it on Nightcrawler, since he can fire that purple pretty endlessly, given you can get enough purple on the board first, so he seems like he’d benefit most from Blackbird’s bonus dmg.  But Blackbird actually hinders a PX winfinite combo, since it’d push Nightcrawler’s red above purple as the strongest color.  Then again, Nightcrawler’s red power is pretty decent and at a cost of 9, its pretty easy to meet the “10 ap in your strongest color” extra dmg requirement if red is the strongest color.  Even without PX making red, that seems like a pretty good boon to Nightcrawler and a pretty good argument for making him the default owner of the Blackbird.

    That being said, given Nightcrawler’s mediocrity, I’m not sure it moves the Blackbird into “worth leveling up” territory.
  • Phumade
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    there will be more synergy opportunites to come.  kitty pryde, emma, and sabretooth are all mutants yet to be released (not that I know, but these are the obvious candidates)

    I'm sure nightcrawler will be fine as he gets more levels.  People always say this guys sucks, that char sucks.  the truth is they just don't have him leveled correctly.

    I'm sure we could put another support on pX to boost whatever colors needs a boost.
  • VizMantis
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    edited April 2018
    I never said Nightcrawler sucks, he’s just not a top tier, “use even when he’s not boosted” sort of character.  So if the best use I have for the Blackbird is for Nightcrawler, then it’s probably not worth spending my (currently) highly rare rISO leveling it up.  

    I will however put it on Nightcrawler and get the benefit of red being his strongest color without leveling it though.  So I’m a bit less down on my Blackbird pull than I was at my first post.