Sell Medusa Champ cover or a Bolt Cover

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Here's my dilemma. My Medusa sits at 279. I just pulled a champ cover for her. If I apply it then I get a Bolt Green which would normally be a cause to celebrate. Except my 5/1/1 Bolt can't use the cover so.

1) I sell the Medusa cover for 1000 ISO
2) I sell the Bolt cover for 2000 ISO

If I go with (1) then I'm saying I'm leaving her forever at 279 until I miraculously cover Bolt OR they change champ rewards to colorless covers (that will be the day).
If I go with (2) then I'm selling the my first ever 5* cover from 4* champ reward (should be cause to celebrate instead of weep) and knowing that I'll likely never ever (years minimum) get another Bolt cover from Medusa rewards

So what's more likely/better long term (if it matters I have about 25-30 champed 4* and a bunch of 5* with 1-7 covers) so I'm firmly in 4* land but getting close to transitioning to 5* as I am hording tokens (95) and will soon start hording cp.



  • abominatrix
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    In my view, this question has no one-size-fits-all answer, so I'll give my opinion as if I were in your shoes.

    You are close to transitioning to 5*, but you'll still be in 4* for some time. More importantly, when you DO transition to 5*, it sounds as if you'll take the Latest Legend approach to breaking in, so you'll probably target a good grouping in the Legendary Token store (maybe Next 5/Cap/JJ, or something like that, maybe the next one, although if you have 100 pulls saved for when Cap enters tokens and keep at it you'll probably have 13 covers for him by the time he leaves, and you'll be able to champ the subsequent ones as you go along)

    With that in mind, I would go ahead and use the Medusa cover; you are likely years away from covering Bolt, and you can use extra Medusa levels now, which will help you between now and your 5* transition that will NOT include him. 

    Have fun, good luck, and as always, my 2 cents.

  • Quebbster
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    Agree with the others. It is foolish to let one Bolt cover stopping you from developing Medusa further.

    One option is to start a duplicate Bolt with the extra covers if you don't want to sell them right away. If he is ever rebalanced you may be able to sell them at a profit, though I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  • KGB
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I rostered the extra Bolt cover as a duplicate. With 21K hero points I can afford to do it.

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    I'm going to be in this situation with Daredevil/Kingpin eventually. My Daredevil is 5/1/0, and Kingpin is lvl 273 or so.  My plan was also to roster a dupe, which would be my first, so when the time comes I may choose to just sell it instead - he seems unlikely to get re-balanced any time soon to me. 

    But I do want to set up a 2* Bullseye->bulls3y3->Kingpin->DD5 reward drop when it happens just for the achievement of it.