This is the last drop in the pool of bugs and crashes!!!

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I sure as hell hope the filter does its job in this post cause I am not censoring anything myself.
I am **** pissed off at this stupidly **** up game! I warped my entire schedule this weekend to make the event and grasp all the nodes. 

At the cost of my personal life for this **** **** I struggled like hell to get perfect on all nodes. Yes, I wanted that first place at least ONCE for this stupid event!

And what happens? Match is over, login screen happens out of nowhere, and I get pushed out of the game, instantly losing the match and probably getting bumped from RANK 1 down to PERHAPS top 250.... 

I am "this" close to uninstalling this **** game!
Do something about this ****, compensate players properly when this occurs (yes, implement a freaking LOGGING system once and for all to be able to restore players properly when crashes occur!!!), stop **** with us and pull your **** **** together with the bugs list! I really don't care who prioritizes these things, but these crashes are absolutely unacceptable and the impossibility to rollback at the cost of us, the players, is unprofessional and sloppy of you!!!

YES, I am talking to you all, D3, Octagon and whoever else is involved and not doing a thing about this!!!! Until these things are fixed and properly handled, let me tell you that you are not doing your job and no, you don't care about your players! PERIOD!

(Whoever claims I am taking this thing way too seriously needs to understand the degree of commitment that I have put in this game and my coalition, and to get this huge mumu from the game is completely unacceptable!)


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    I agree this is a problem and very frustrating. You are not alone - there are many victims and the majority feel the same way.
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