Best Counters for a Legion of Champed Rogues....?

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Oy vey - the boost list this week was brutal to me.  No champed 4*s and no real strategy for the unending stream of champed Rogues coming through the PvPs.  Besides losing all of my ISO skipping those matches, what teams/characters are best for running as a counter to her?  I'd take strategy tips, too....



  • Blindman13
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    Rogue is a tough nut to crack. Her damage reduction is reduced if you take out her allies first, but she jumps in front if you match the wrong colors. The most effective thing I have found is to bring someone with a cheap stun (G4mora, or maybe get a 1* BW Team up from your alliance) and a strong nuke or two. When she is stunned she doesn't reduce damage, so she can be taken out easier.  A 2* Storm Blue Team Up will help also.
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    Thanks for the idea....I had originally brought G4mora and Grocket to the fight, but just confirmed that my chances for survival were better when I paired G4mora with 3* Iron Man.  I use IM40's yellow battery to continually fuel G4mora's blue in order to constantly stun Rogue and then hammer her until she's downed.  I then move on to either the Hulk or the other ally, whichever poses more of a threat.

    I just crossed 600 points and threw up my shield for the next 8 hours to try and preserve my progress...

    Any other ideas out there?
  • TPF Alexis
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    A good AoE can help, too. Even if you're stuck matching something that will pull her to the front, you can put her in the back for a moment, drop the AoE while she doesn't have damage reduction, and then let her go back to the front.
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    If all else fails, use Deadpool's Whales!
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    Also, not sure if it's a bug or not, but Rogue's damage reduction only happens on something active you did that turn - either a match or a power you fire right then. Attack tiles/ongoing damage appear to do full damage. So you won't be 1-shotting her, but you can nibble pretty hard with somebody that's spamming those out/buffing them.
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    Either stun her, or just wait until you have enough AP to burn down one of her allies in one go. She can't jump in front when you fire powers, only when you make matches. So just let her camp out in front while you gather AP, then target somebody else when you're locked and loaded.

    Once her friends are dead, her damage reduction is significantly weakened so you should have no problem finishing her off.