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Like some other players, I've recently lost access to my account temporarily related to Facebook access/interface issues. I have a support ticket regarding that entered, and it will get resolved soon enough. This process has highlighted some things that might want to be considered for a future update.

First, once I went past the app's splash/banner page and got treated like a brand new player it was impossible to go back and try to connect to my Facebook account, forcing me to slog through the tutorial. Can anything be done to allow a return to said splash page without completing the tutorial, actively discarding any tutorial savedata and allowing the player to load their old save data without the need for a prompt or a risk of overwriting their existing save?

Second, at my current state I am right past the tutorial and technically able to log in to my Facebook account to access my save data. However, the prompt asks "Facebook account already exists. Do you want to switch?" While at first glance this may seem straightforward, it is ambiguous enough to be misinterpreted. Could we maybe get a more clearly worded version of the prompt similar to the following selection tree?;

In the case of Facebook save = yes, "You already have Facebook save data. Do you want to load it?"

If [Yes] to question 1, "'This will abandon your current, non-Facebook progress. Are you sure?"

If [No] to question 1, "Would you like to overwrite your current Facebook save data?"

With appropriate subsequent prompts/logic, and a 2-3 second timer before a final "Yes" becomes available to avoid accidental tap-through of an option you didn't actually want to select. Apologies if this is somewhat already how things work, I haven't heard back from support yet with clarification on what happens under the current wording and I refuse to proceed further in the face of uncertainty.


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    While it isn't ideal, you could try clearing the app's data. That should erase your save and bring up the splash screen again.
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    I understand what you said.

    Try uninstalling and installing again, even unistall facebook and install it again.

    These steeps have worked for people in the forum.
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