Changes to Customer Support System (4/19/18)

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Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed that Customer Support looks a little different in the game today. We have improved our in-game Customer Support in today's 2.6 update (4/19/18) that will allow all your communication with the Customer Support team to happen in-game.

As this is a new system, there may be a couple of things that will need to be adjusted or tweaked before communication with Customer Support is a finely tuned machine.

A couple of things we would like to note:
  • Some users (most likely iOS users) may not receive push notifications when Customer Support responds to your message, however a notification will still show up in the game. We plan to have this fixed in the next update.
  • If you have submitted a ticket prior to this update, and are concerned your message has not been responded to yet, then please submit another ticket and provide any pertinent details; such as UID, Player Name, Ticket Number, and/or approximate date that you last communicated with Customer Support.
  • Emailing support is still available, if you prefer this method. To reach Customer Support via email, please email and a Customer Support agent will be happy to assist.
We thank you for your patience as the team incorporates these new tools. Thanks for playing Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest!
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