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Captain America (Infinity War) (4/18/18)

BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 6,967 Site Admin
edited April 2018 in MPQ News and Announcements
Hi Everyone,

"Since opposing the Sokovia Accords, the Super-Soldier has remained under the radar while continuing to do what he believes is right - saving the world one clandestine mission at a time."

Check out the brand new 5-Star Captain America (Infinity War), and find out how you can recruit him onto your team! (Although it's probably best not to make him sign a contract.)

Captain America (Infinity War)

5-Star Rarity (Epic)
Heroes, Avengers, Team Cap
 purpletilepng yellowtilepng

(Abilities listed at level 450)
Rope-a-Dope - 8  AP
Cap distracts the enemy with a false advance, misleading them and leaving their backline vulnerable. Deals 10,130 damage to the non-target enemies.
(PASSIVE) When only 1 enemy remains, this power becomes Coup de Grâce.

Coup de Grâce - 10  AP
At the climax of battle, Cap summons all his strength to land a finishing blow. Deals 15,185 damage. Destroys all friendly colored AP, dealing 868 damage for each AP destroyed.

Man Without a Country - 6 purpletilepng AP
Even without his shield, Captain America protects the innocent with covert tactics. Choose a basic tile. Destroy 6 enemy AP in that tile's color and that tile becomes a 5-turn Countdown tile. While it's on the board, enemies may not fire powers in its color.

On your Feet, Soldier! - 15 yellowtilepng AP
Captain America reaches down and lifts up his fallen ally. This battle's not over yet. Revives a Downed ally and grants them a burst of 60% health.

Recruit Captain America!

Special Limited Vault - Steve Rogers
  • Starts: 4/19/18 12pm ET
  • Ends: 4/22/18 11:59pm ET
  • 40 Item Vault
    • 1x Covert Ops Legendary Token
    • 1x Random Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) cover
    • 3x Random 3-Star covers
    • 6x Heroic Tokens
    • 4x 2,500 Iso-8
    • 6x 1,000 Iso-8
    • 5x 500 Iso-8
    • 14x 2-Star covers
Special Legendary Store - Covert Ops
  • Starts: 4/19/18 12pm ET
  • Ends: 4/23/18 11:59pm ET
  • 15% chance to get either Captain America (Infinity War), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), or Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

Event Schedule

Come And Get Me
  • Starts: 4/19/18 12pm ET
  • Ends: 4/22/18 11:59pm ET
  • A 4-Star progression reward will be added to the event
  • Rewards tokens to the Covert Ops Legendary cover store
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