A new type of Shield is needed in PvP. Ideas:

Rick_OShay Posts: 765 Critical Contributor
Let's be realistic for new PvP Shield type recommendations, by considering the cost vs. implementation and coding requirements.

New PvP Shield option idea: A 'Vibranium Shield' (or call it an 'Undercover Op' Shield)

This would allow you to attack 1 opponent safely without being exposed to other hits, and it is only allowed if you are already using a normal shield (3hr, 8hr, or 24hr). 

The cost could be +/- 150HP, and it should only be available once per 24hr (or maybe once per event). 

Pro's/Con's:  The Dev's would make HP income from many players looking to hop safely once per day/event. The potential that many players would use this to reach higher rewards should be offset by a fairly assigned HP cost.

Example use: Player is at 870 points where the hits start coming in fast. They put up a normal 8hr shield to preserve points and accrue more health packs. Normally when this player goes back out to hit 900 they may or may not make it if hits come in. They may now spend +/-150HP on this new special Shield to hit a 30+ point target to get to 900 safely. 
Their 8hr shield still expires normally.

This should not be difficult to code. There is a fair price/cost where the dev's will find a positive outcome for this, and PvP becomes more fun for many players looking to score higher.

What other new PvP Shield ideas do you have?  What may this idea be missing or be needing of realistic improvements?