Important question about supports

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Hi all:

As the new feature of the game has been launched,i have a big question so maybe someone can shed some light on.

There are supports from 1* (50 levels) to 5* (250 levels). As soon as you get a dupe from a higher category, automatically discards the lower one. My question is...

what happen if you spend red iso to level up a 1* support (let´s say for example you level it to 20) and then get a 2* or higher of the same support?

Does that mean that you lose the iso you have invested and start from level 1 at the new star Rank?

As i read in other discussions red iso is not very easy to find and it wouldn't be a good move to level up a support so soon without knowing the answer to my question.

Thanks in advance.


  • Dormammu
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    The higher rank supports starts at the level of your previous support. You don't lose anything.
  • DavidAmaquelin
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    Thanks Dormammu.