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NabistayNabistay Posts: 142 Tile Toppler
I don't see any place yet for hypothetical support abilities yet. Although some might be impossible to code, it's fun to brainstorm. What would be your support ability suggestions?

I would like to see one that made a character heal faster when out of battle


  • Alfje17Alfje17 Posts: 2,010 Chairperson of the Boards

    Still would love Black Cat as a character, but there's more chance of her being a support now, so: a support with luck powers!

    Good luck giving you a chance of extra AP or damage when you match/fire a power and Bad Luck where AI gets no AP from a match, a power doesn't fire or hits an ally instead, a power is unavailable or character is stunned.

  • ScepterScepter Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    I think that training should be put next to support and that characters should have some sort of icon on them to show that they are in need of training or raising. I also think that you should be able to swap ISO for red at maybe a 10 : 1 ratio
  • ScepterScepter Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    I am glad that I have promoted heroes because this new event is a kicker, newbies would find it abit to much to deal with
  • StraycatStraycat Posts: 962 Critical Contributor
    Something that can earn you iso. XP boosters are common modifiers in other games, and iso is the closest thing we have in MPQ. The more damage you do with a character, you have a better chance to drop iso, tokens, or covers similar to pvp matches. It would come with a difficulty modifier, enemies are higher levels, or your team loses its boosts. Only works on hard nodes.
    I'm thinking
    Rank 1: Difficulty increase
    Rank 2: Chance to steal purple AP on purple match
    Rank 3: If character downs enemy, chance to earn minimal iso
    Rank 4: Chance to steal red AP and red match
    Rank 5: Difficulty increase
    Equip to Black Widow: Chance to earn 1*, 2*, iso or tokens for each enemy she takes down
    Hard to balance something that gives out resources, but something like this might be enough to not break the game and still give out good rewards
  • HadronicHadronic Posts: 338 Mover and Shaker
    I want a support that allows Mystique to shape-shift on the character select screen and fill the role of the essential character, at rank 5 she can shape-shift into unrostered characters
  • chaos01chaos01 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 316 Mover and Shaker
    A support that allows you to auto-win trivial nodes without having to waste the time it takes to play them. 
  • odjntrade2odjntrade2 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 15 Just Dropped In
    I want an equipped to line on supports and equipped with line on characters. That way I know what is equipped to who when looking through supports or characters.
  • tiomonotiomono Posts: 1,599 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited April 2018
    Maybe team supports. For example an avengers support. It could have a picture of the whole team and could have the character specific perk be for the leader of the team.

    You could do shield, x-men, brotherhood, sinister 6, fantastic 4, etc etc as we get more characters that are aligned with specific teams.

    The perks may be stronger with all 3 of your squad being part of that specific team. It could add a bit more teambuilding thought and roster diversity to our play.

    Edited: I could see this also backfiring if they allow the ai in story events have supports. I imagine a dark avengers team support having the best perks lol.
  • The Bob TheThe Bob The Age Unconfirmed Posts: 743 Critical Contributor
    AIM Minions. Similar to Hydra minions but you get a bonus when equipped to MODOK.

    No MODOK, you say? Best get on that!
  • purplemurpurplemur Posts: 376 Mover and Shaker
    edited April 2018
    I am big fan of Supports! 
    1)I think the Infinity stones should be Supports. Highly restricted; in both rarity and character class.
    So the stone that's in Visions head could only be equipped to Him or 5*Thanos- only come as a 5 Star support
    The tesseract for loki or 5*Thanos
    starlord held one-(he has a lot of gear!) or 5*Thanos
    The Aether - Jane Foster or 5*Thanos
    2)Pepper Potts - Sharon carter for Tony, Rick jones for hulks
    3)Suports that grant team status. which with GotG could be broken but something like H.E.R.B.I.E - for the FF4 tag, Maria Hill - avengers, Osbourne- would turn an Avenger into dark avenger
    4)Crimson Jewel of Cyttorak - The only Support that a 1* star can equip! It would add +50 Levels, (I loved the arc where Black Tom was given a touch for his birthday!)
    5)Life Model Decoy(heroes)/A.I.M Super Adaptoid(villains)- would let Supported Character fulfill Required Character status for PvE nodes. 
    6) Serpent Crown -The first Support that are not wholly positive, to power balance, OP but had a chance that the AI would move for you, self harm/ self stun chance. 
    7)Lockheed- mini gambit ap steal per turn effect, random tile swapping
    8)Damage Control -some kind of heal,Remove CD,Mini-lockjaw effect that reduces a little and hurts a little. reduce enemy special tiles
    9) Vibro-Shock Gauntlets - match dam, %stun,match dam, crit mod, maybe a percent chane you can make an additional move
    10)Theres a bunch of things that would be cool but then would mean my accepting I'd never get them as playable character: Rom's Neutralizer, My Little Pony Kymellian powers(PowerPack), wreckers crowbar, mandarins rings, etc
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