PvP revamp idea - brand new system

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So, i am here to present my vision of complete PvP revamp. This will be kinda long post so thanks in advance to everyone who will spend his/her time reading this.
I think PvP became extremely painful because of known reasons f.e. lack of progress (PvE is becoming easier with stronger roster, PvP doesnt), frustration of losing points, RNG, unballanced characters etc.
My idea would eliminate most (if not all) problems tied with PvP, but sadly, PvP would no longer be about match-3, but more about how big and strong your roster is.

Now i will guide you and show you new system step by step:
Basic concept will remain unchanged - you will face enemies with roster power similar to yours. There will be an indicator showing how much power enemy team has. Power will be calculated very easily as levels of all three characters (and potentially equipped supports) combined. Fighting will happen automatically with this suggested formula of outcomes (may change):
a) Enemy power = 0-50% of yours - 90% for Flawless victory, 10% for Easy victory
b) Enemy power = 51-75% of yours - 40% for Flawless victory, 40% for Easy Victory, 20% for Victory
c) Enemy power = 76-100% of yours - 30% for Easy Victory, 40% for Victory, 20% for Empty Victory, 10% for Defeat
d) Enemy power = 101-120% of yours - 10% for Easy Victory, 40% for Victory, 20% for Empty Victory, 30% for Defeat
e) Enemy power = 121-140% of yours - 5% for Victory, 45% for Empty Victory, 50% for Defeat
f) Enemy power = 140+ % of yours = 10% for Empty Victory, 90% for Defeat

Now whats the meaning of these outcomes:
Flawless victory: All characters you used will lose 10% of their max health and you will win the fight
Easy Victory: All characters you used will lose 25% of their max health and you will win
Victory: All characters you used will lose 50% of their max health
Empty Victory: All characters you used will lose 90% of their max health
Defeat: All characters will die, and battle is lost.

Clearly, you see that attacker has some advantages over his opponent (like it is now with f.e. Team-ups or the fact that you are not AI). 
For victory, you will get one single point. You wont be losing these points and they will contribute toward both progression and placement reward.

Now what i see as the biggest advantages of this system:
- Effect of over/underpowered characters will be eliminated, since the only thing that will determinate your power will be level you your used characters. Also no sick combos or 5* Gambit, no winfinites, no characters healing forever etc.
- Game will be less time consuming - with 2 hours per day for PvE, 30 minutes per day for DDQ and hours for PvP, there will be time for more things, which could make this game less grindy and more enjoyable
- Finally some reason to use all characters - Technically, you can win with 1* chars against fully maxed 5* team. 10% win is not that much, but it costs you nothing and for players with 150+ characters... well, lets say they will finally appreciate all those chars they usually dont use at all.
- Same with support that will boost your characters and adding power - the more you have, the more chars you may boost for PvP
- No frustration caused by losing or RNG. Yes, i admit, you still can lose and RNG plays bigger role than before, but you will lose... what? Few seconds of your life?
- No more punishment for entering 4* and 5* realm. More characters with higher rarity are now an advantage since my numbers give you fair odds even against stronger enemy.

To understand my point of view, i dont play PvP becuase after i maxed OML and 5* Phoenix, PvP became unplayable thanks to overpowered 5*s :D  

Now disadvatnages:
- RNG may play way too big role causing frustration from extreme bad luck (like if covers werent enough)
- I am not sure what will happen if players stay online 24/7, waiting for their characters to respawn so he can use them again. Some exploits may be possible since my plan is to allow using characters as soon as they have 1 health.
- Since PvP will be automatic, the point of MPQ is gone for PvP, which will be reduced to simple clickfest.
- Some players oriented fully on PvP (are here even some?) may feel betrayed by this, cuz it will remove the match-3 element
- Basically no impact of individual strategies, cover combos, luck during fight, and skill of the player - matches and outcomes will be reduced to simple numbers 

I dunno, you say what you dont like about this new system... to be honest, i like it more that current one that suffers from imbalance and need for heavy grind. Please, let me know if you like this idea, and of you prefer it as new PvP system, or as a revamp of the old one. Thanks for reading :-)