Update to Wolverine (X-Force) Champion Rewards (4/10/18)

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Hi Everyone,

Following the daily patch tomorrow (April 11th), we will be updating the Champion rewards for Wolverine (X-Force). Six covers of Wolverine (Old Man Logan) will be added to Wolverine (X-Force)'s Champion rewards.

The covers will be rewarded at the following Champion levels:
  • 280 -  Living Legend / Still Sharp 
  • 300 - yellowtilepng Die Hard / Old Habits 
  • 320 -  Reluctant Hero / Finish the Fight 
  • 340 -  Living Legend / Still Sharp 
  • 350 - yellowtilepng Die Hard / Old Habits 
  • 360 -  Reluctant Hero / Finish the Fight 
If you'd like the champion reward breakdown, check out the original announcement here: Updates to 4-Star Champion Rewards

Players will be able to earn additional covers of Wolverine (X-Force) by placing well in the current run of Meet Rocket & Groot, or through progression rewards during the Fight for Wakanda Story event later this week.
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