Wolverine (X-Force) buff idea (because you never know, it might just happen...)

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So I was a little bored earlier and came up with this buff idea for Wolverine X-Force and figured I’d post it and see what some other players thoughts are.

Wolverine X-Force - 13995 HP

X-Force (8AP)

  • Wolverine unleashes his berserker rage, cutting with his adamantium claws. Deals 4500 damage and destroys all enemy attack tiles. Does not generate AP.

Surgical Strike (11AP)

  • Wolverine attacks with ruthless precision, crippling his enemy. Destroys every enemy protect tile, dealing 1300 damage per tile, generating AP. 
  • (Passive) At the beginning of every turn, if there are fewer than 5 enemy protect tiles, create 1 random enemy protect tile of strength 50.


  • (Passive) Wolverine’s healing factor repairs his wounds. At the beginning of every turn, heals 650 health. The enemy retaliates adding 1 random enemy protect tile of strength 70.

The idea was to take him back to his best before he was nerfed but with a modern spin. 

His green damage would be fair when you compare to X-23’s green for the same AP and some 3*’s damage (Cyclops for example). The idea behind destroying the attack tiles was to counter 4* Rocket and Groot, who I am sick of fighting, as well as a few others. It’s more of a bonus to the move than anything and isn’t completely necessary.

With Surgical Strike, attacking the enemy’s strongest colour has always been a hit or a miss, that’s where the idea of the defence tiles came from. After 3 turns, providing none have been matched, there’d be at least 5 defence tiles meaning black would deal a minimum of 6500 damage. Depending on player patience the attack could be delayed to somewhat charge it with more defence tiles being added to the board. With the defence tiles being random the AP generated would probably be around 3 or 4 AP max in any colour which isn’t too over powered and would give a little feeling of nostalgia for those who played with XForce and Goddess Thor back in the day. 

His recovery I simply made similar to other true healers. The current countdown tile version just doesn’t work as well. Not as high a health boost as X-23, but hers is match dependant so I figured as this one would be every turn it should be far less. Creating an enemy defence tile every turn is simply to ensure Surgical Strike wouldn’t be a dead move. 

I’m aware this is never going to happen but could still be a bit of fun to discuss.

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