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Restrict sets on older events

MonkeynuttsMonkeynutts Posts: 402 Mover and Shaker
Older events need to have newer sets removed just likely have done with newer ones and trials.

Emrukel Corruptions with Dinos is silly.
Broken Ixalan cards when your trying to do silly objectives with Eldrazi targets is not helpful.


  • ard021ard021 Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    Wait, Ixalan cards are more of a problem than having Olivia and Piggy and Ulrich running around all over the place?  :wink:

    They won't restrict legacy events to older sets because as players start out, legacy events are the best way to pick up cards from sets that are out of standard.  (Free boosters only drop cards from standard-legal sets, since those are supposed to be the sets with the greatest current utility.)  Effectively locking new players out of events (or at least making them completely miserable) isn't a great business model if you want to attract and retain new blood.  Standard-legal cards should be usable in all events.

    Also, there are enough complaints about older events being "stale" that I doubt telling players, "not only are you getting the same events from two years ago, you're going to be doing them with the same cards!" will really improve things.

    The issue with EC is more that the nodes themselves want you to do things that are at odds with what the colors are good at, and the blue node is probably the trickiest to build for.  (Green is the creature color, but the RG node wants exactly two werewolves.  White likes supports, but the WB node doesn't.  Blue really likes spells, but its node restricts them.)  But players making decks to blast out wins while ignoring secondaries is hardly unique to Legacy events.  (As a suggestion, if you're having trouble with creatures in the blue node, Tezz2 and Dovin both provide support-based control or removal options.)
  • MonkeynuttsMonkeynutts Posts: 402 Mover and Shaker
    I know how to combat the issues.
    Just annoys me when I play against Nicol Bolas in a SOI event with his first ability when I'm meant to be playing only TWO werewolves....oh and hes playing dinos or some other cards that just not meant to ever be in the game together.

    But then again this is an app thats had two developers and they dont really get the more of the game itself. No story mode for new players, so no help with cards or levelling PWs. The daily training ground hasn't been changed since it came in and that is a grind that could be made much better.
    They know money and thats why the vault is full of things
  • MonkeynuttsMonkeynutts Posts: 402 Mover and Shaker
    edited May 7
    ONCE AGAIN trying to play 2 werewolves and get presented with Hour of Promise, Hour of Devastation, Sandwurm Convergence and Zacama dino...great unrestricted boredom and losses playing against decks thats arent even trying to do the OBJECTIVES.

    So screw it i'll play high level non objective based decks too. Absolute waste of time running older events these days.

    Take away anything post Eldritch Moon and restrict it all inc planeswalkers.
    Nicol Bolas on OLD EVENTS is literally the dumbest thing and lame and ruins everything.

    Gaeas Revenge it is !
  • bken1234bken1234 Posts: 1,981GLOBAL_MODERATORS Chairperson of the Boards
    I would love to play ALL events with the cards they were designed to be played with -- no more, no less. 

    EC up to EMN
    B4T with AKH, without DOM
    [MOD MIC ON] means I am using my extraordinary powers of good to fix something or restore joy, peace and harmony to the MTGPQ forums. 

    Any other time, I am just a player like the rest of you, and will be freely sharing my own thoughts, opinions, expertise and hopes for the game. 

    Not an employee of D3 Go! / Oktagon. 
  • Mark_TedinMark_Tedin Posts: 69 Match Maker
    it is bken1234 said:
    I would love to play ALL events with the cards they were designed to be played with -- no more, no less. 

    EC up to EMN
    B4T with AKH, without DOM
    it is the point! Don´t make sense fight against 400HP Boss no cycling, when the event was designed for cycling. I think that boss´s life should be decreased.
    Old MTG Art lover. Playing Magic since 1994...
  • rafalelerafalele Posts: 486 Mover and Shaker
    edited June 7
    I do not want restrictions in older events, I like to play with all my cards.

    I like having fun with everything I can imagine.

    You can chose what you want to use, let the rest of us use what ever we want.

    If you make restrictions to the sets available when they were designed where can we use them all?

    New players could not use any of their new sets cards and would have just a few or none of the older sets. They should be the most interested in playing those old event in order to improve their libraries.
  • DBJonesDBJones Posts: 596 Critical Contributor
    I think limited events (only cards from their set are usable) could be really interesting. I don't think restricting every legacy event is the way to go though. It could be interesting every once in awhile, but would be difficult for new players it was every time.
  • jtwoodjtwood Posts: 144 Tile Toppler
    Restricting cards for certain legacy events would effectively shut out new players
    JopeX37 said:

    If you're going to make us beta test your cards, don't be shocked when people get mad when you screw with stuff they paid good money for.

  • MonkeynuttsMonkeynutts Posts: 402 Mover and Shaker
    Seeing Nicol Bolas in older events is a joke ! especially with summon 2 or less creatures and they have to be werewolfs....Nicols first ability shuts down your game.

  • rafalelerafalele Posts: 486 Mover and Shaker
    edited June 26
    Seeing Nicol Bolas in older events is a joke ! especially with summon 2 or less creatures and they have to be werewolfs....Nicols first ability shuts down your game.

    Besides 2 werewolfes, use tokens, rebirth, journey to eternity, put direct damage spells, etc. There are options.

    I also hate decks made not to get objectives but to get an easy win, and anyone can do that with old cards.
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