Looking to improve variety of play

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I've made some progress since the last postings:

...but starting to feel some repetition and lack of direction. I'm not quite sure where to go next. Once I had the IM40 + Dr Strange combo, it has been all too easy to keep spamming that since it works so well. But I want to find some other alternatives before things get too monotonous.

My favorite gameplay elements right now seem to be AP-generation (so we can do more stuff), and non-random board manipulation (allows more analysis, and finding "cool moves").

As an example, the Apocalypse event has been terrific. It required completely different teams and play style from what I normally used, and that inspires me to find what else is waiting for me to discover.

The most recent new addition is a champed 3* Steve Rogers, which let me bump the red from 3 to 5. What a difference! Almost twice the damage, and only 1 net AP usage. That's my immediate new ground to explore, so I'm really looking for the next step after that, which may affect who to tag as BH.

Current BH is SWitch (now 3/4/2), and it seems like the purple generation will be super useful in multiple combinations. It felt like the place where I could get the most new variety, but other opinions are always welcome.

Iron Fist (4/4/3) + Luke Cage (3/2/4) are also getting close. I currently use them for speed clears of easy PvE nodes since I don't have a good Thanos yet. A few more covers and a good third (probably SWitch) and this will be a good team.

Of particular interest is a team for Sentries, and I've seen Hawkguy + Bullseye in that context. Seems to make a lot of sense, so they might get the BH when SWitch is done.

I really want to finish my GSBW, but at 5/1/1, she's a poor candidate for BH. I suspect she'll get some CP spending when she gets closer.

Patch sounds great, but he's only 0/1/1, so a longer-term prospect.


  • TPF Alexis
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    Bummer GSBW ended up like that. She's pretty much perfect for what you're talking about.

    Other candidates are Bullseye and Loki (not so much for his actives as for setting up Match-4s for the enemy to trigger his AP steal).
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    If I were you I'd set Kamala Khan as my next bonus hero after Switch. You only have 4 covers on her but its a nice even spread and she's one of the linchpins of the 3-star tier - a character that fits into a lot of teams and makes a great 3rd for IM40 + red/blue user (like Cap) as well as a good partner for Switch.

    Cage & Iron Fist are another good option. A magnificent 3rd for them is Daken and you can use your 2-star version until you get the last 4 covers for your 3-star version. She-Hulk also fits in with the two of them extremely well and is one of the most annoyingly frustrating defensive teams in the tier. 

    I'm not a big GSBW fan - she's overly expensive on AP and there are better options for everything she does in the 3-star tier (like Kamala).

    You mentioned Bullseye and he's a great third for goon wave nodes (of which there are a lot of in DDQ & PvE) with IM40 and Cap. IM40 keeps everyone in AP, while Cap slings his shields around taking out countdown tiles, and Bullseye FILLS the board with strike tiles. That was my go-to team for wave nodes for a long time, and it was a lot of fun to play.

    Sentries are annoying. Just... annoying. It's because of the board destruction. You want to load up on characters with passive abilities when fighting those tinykitty things. Cage and Iron Fist are excellent examples. Hawkguy would absolutely make a good third, there.

    Glad you're enjoying the Apocalypse event! It's my favorite boss event because of the unique strategies involved. How is your alliance doing? Speaking of boss events, Quicksilver seems to find his way onto my teams during boss events because so many of them require a good board manipulator. You may want to consider rostering him for the future.
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    3* Falcon is another one to look at as he creates protects tiles (and dishes out some nice aoe damage) which help against sentries board destruction damage and has 2 passive powers - 1 removes enemy special tiles and the other buffs friendly special tiles.
  • froggerjohn
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    Thanks for the great responses. I like the Kamala Khan choice, as another option for reducing health pack use as well. Sounds like I have some good things to look forward to.

    I did get 2 Quicksilver covers in the Apocalypse event, plus a random green, so I now have a 0/1/2. Sadly missing the best power, but a cover is coming up for that in DDQ. Seems super useful.

    Apocalypse was great. I loved reading about all the different approaches, even though I don't have the roster for them yet. A lot of options, and definitely requires targeted strategies to handle each of the unique challenges. There were only 3 serious players in my alliance (I ranked #4), so we only got to level 6 on the last day. And I was gone most of that day, so I didn't get to spend much time when it was really starting to get fun. Very sad, but will look forward to it next time around.

    Did have one awesome experience on L6 when some careless play and an unlucky multiple crit cascade took out my Bullseye right near the start. Thought I was burnt toast for sure, but still managed to complete it with IM40 and OBW. I don't remember how many hopeless brinks OBW rescued me from, but with IM40 feeding her a ton of blue, it was "a lot".  :)  Best experience in MPQ to date.

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    3 star Bullseye is one of my favorites to use in the Deadpool Daily. Trying to pick teams where he tanks green and purple is a quest in itself.
  • froggerjohn
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    3* Cap is now one of my new favorite characters. Not just for the huge damage potential once multiple shields get rolling, but because you can place those shields *anywhere*.

    - instant removal of enemy tiles, even countdowns
    - mess up impending dangerous matches

    Pretty nifty.
  • Dormammu
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    Yeah, Cap is pretty amazing at the 3-star tier. And with IM40 it doesn't take long before you have complete control of the board against goons. Even against active opponents it's easy to bury his countdown tiles in the bottom corners and give them a good survival rate.

    When teaming Cap with IM40 make sure you set Iron Man's blue to 5 over his red. Sometimes his AoE is a better option than Cap's stun (like when you can down 3 opponents in one shot).
  • froggerjohn
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    Great point about IM40 Blue. I hardly use his red any more when teamed with Cap. Thanks! Definitely encountered opponents where that damage threshold would have been perfect.

  • OneLungDave
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    I ran a 3* PvP team of Cap/Switch/Hood in my early 3*days. It's a wee slow, but provides good synergy.

    Cap's powers are expensive, but Switch's blue tile placement and Hood's ap steal can speed them up a bit. Once Cap's powers get rolling, Hood can reduce the countdown timers (and do a bit of damage). Just be sure to hide Hood in the back since he's squishy.

    Note: I didn't check your roster (i'm lazy) so I apologize if this wasn't helpful. 
  • Rod5
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    I used to run LazyCap Hood Falcon in the old Big Enchilada (when it was harder), and it was slow but deadly.
  • froggerjohn
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    Yeah, my Hood is 2/1/1, so not very usable yet. But all info is welcome.

    Overall, it has been a great week.

    I was able to get my IF champed. After pulling a BH with another green, the very next token was another BH in a color I needed, so I saved two green covers, and got him reconfigured to 3/5/5. He made a great teammate to IM40 + Cap against Thanos, having good color coverage across the board for the AP stone, and got to full progression.

    Going to finish Cage from 3/2/4, and then set BH to KK while I enjoy the SWitch - IF - Cage team for awhile.

    Also got some Thanos covers to 2/2/2, which is probably good enough to try out Court Death in the next PvE. Completed my Marvel Insider 100K reward for more Thanos, so when that shows up, it will be even better.

    Thanks again guys for all the help. Definitely on a better path now.