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Cascading and other issues

reidsatt73reidsatt73 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 22 Just Dropped In
This is something like the 4th time i have posted on these forums to complain about the ridiculous cascading the AI continues to do in this game. It was fixed for a while but the last huge update you made has totally broken it worse than it has even been. It is so horrible now that i dont even feel like playing the game. With this new ridiculous AI cascading you have introduced the game screwing up the extra turn again and the color changing to get connects. When i say extra turn i mean that in makes a connect 4 or even a connect 3 and decides it can it was an extra turn. Splashes Extra Turn across screen and goes again. And NO there is no creature, effect, support, etc that would allow this on the board. The game will just randomly change gems to its color during matching after all effect have gone off and the all gems have dropped to make a match. I know i am not the only one tat is complaining about this and seeing all this ridiculous behavior out of your AI. I have 5 friends that play and see the same things constantly. Please fix the damn game.


  • SirchombliSirchombli Age Unconfirmed Posts: 322 Mover and Shaker
    This happened when the kld block was new because of all of the energy and servos . The game doesn't handle well at all with so much going on on the screen .Treasures and transforming supports have brought it all back .
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