What is the benefit of Coalitions?

Wolfteeth Posts: 125 Tile Toppler
I have hopped from 4-5 coalitions due to me and maybe 4-5 other people being the only ones active. I am currently in a Coalition by myself, is there an advantage of benefit of even being in an active one?  I am getting sick of racking up a ton of points just to have them wasted


  • Sorin81
    Sorin81 Posts: 546 Critical Contributor
    Actually yes! There are benefits. Even a casual coalition, where most players only play to personal progression, is capable of reaching top 100 in events and prizes for top 100 and above are usually pretty good.
  • Yammanig
    Yammanig Posts: 50 Match Maker
    A non active coalition not much except ya can join coalition events.
    an active coalition the benefits are coalition rewards for events, assistance with game play, and chat.
    Doesn’t take many players to make progression and receive better rewards from events.