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I've been with my alliance 4 some time now with a SR.112 & S.H.I.E.L.D Resupply 1000. We use Kiki to chat. I here them say [email protected] this [email protected] that, Never thought it had nothing to do with me,  Just some long time player talk, but reading in the forum l/C the flip has a meaning? A Lil 4-My-Info > Is it better to wait for the flip b4 l join a PVP event, or pre join,or is one better than the other. I just moved my PVP up from 800pts to 900pts consistently, and that's just with prejoin events. Somebody help me do this math. Where do they get that info from. An can I see that same info.  


  • BowgentleBowgentle Posts: 5,038 Chairperson of the Boards
    If you're only doing 900 in PVP, forget about flips.

    Bracket watching in PVP is for people who can make T10 in CL9 / T5 in CL8 / T1 in CL7.

    These people want to spread out a little so that they avoid 30 people going for T5 in the same bracket.

    For points, just ignore flips.
  • Melovingu1Melovingu1 Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Thxs 4 the help that puts everything in it's place 
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