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April Fools!

While sadly, we currently have no plans to actually create this event, we hope you enjoyed our little April Fool's joke. Feel free to discuss the idea of the Duel Decks Event types, and if that is something you, as a community, would enjoy. They would be directed towards players with smaller collections, allowing everyone to enjoy a varied experience, which is why they will yield cards from the most recent and relevant collections.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it.


Hi Everyone,

Coming to you from Oktagon’s Lead Game Designers Matheus Funfas and Pedro Rauiz E. Gestal (written and designed on their own time just for you :) ), we are proud to announce…

This event is MTG PQ's first foray into the Duel Deck Event Type. This new event will be short and simple. A specially designed experience that puts the player on one side of the conflict.

The Goat vs Chupacabras Duel Deck Event will work the following way:

  • Players will be able to play in both nodes.

  • Depending on the selected node, the player will play either as the Goatwatcher or the Macabre Chupacabra.

  • The Special Node Effects will be the same on both nodes: the Goatscape. Let’s take a look at its effects:

  • Both the Goatwatcher and the Macabre Chupacabra are new Planeswalker's that will only be playable in the event.

  • The event will not have Rank or Coalition Rewards and will only have Progression Rewards.

  • The event will run twice a week; once on the weekend and another during the week.

  • Reaching the top of the Progression Rewards will give players:

    • Standard Commons and Uncommon Packs (These will be packs with all Commons and Uncommon cards from standard that have 0% chance of yielding duplicates)

    • Standard Rare (A Standard Legal Rare)

  • Some Mana Jewels

  • Access to two cheap offers:

    • The Goatwatcher Deck Essentials

      • Lurking Chupacabra (Common - Creature - XLN)

      • Deadeye Tracker (Rare - Creature - XLN)

      • Driven // Despair (Rare - Spell - HOU)

    • The Chupacabra's Deck Essentials

      • Thriving Ibex (Common - Creature - KLD)

      • Oath of Ajani (Rare - Support - AER)

      • Heroic Intervention (Rare - Spell - AER)

Now, onto a closer look at The Goat Watcher.

The Goat Watcher


  • Thriving Ibex (Common - Creature - KLD)

  • Gift of Paradise (Common - Support - AMK)

  • Sage of Shaila's Claim (Common - Creature - KLD)

  • Appetite for the Unnatural (Common - Spell - KLD)

  • Fabrication Module (Uncommon - Support - KLD)

  • Rogue Refiner (Uncommon - Creature - AER)

  • Oath of Ajani (Rare - Support - AER)

  • Heroic Intervention (Rare - Spell - AER)

  • Aethergeode Miner (Mythic - Creature - AER)

  • Slaughter Pact (Masterpiece - Spell - HOU)

The Goatwatcher and her Deck is all about making her goats bigger and stronger with the Energize and Overload Mechanics.

Now onto their predators...:

Macabre Chupacabra


  • Enter the Unknown (Common - Spell - RIX)

  • Seeker's Squire (Common - Creature - XLN)

  • Foul Orchard (Common - Support - SOI)

  • Lurking Chupacabra (Common - Creature - XLN)

  • Path of Discovery (Uncommon - Support - RIX)

  • Ifnir Deadlands (Uncommon - Spell - HOU)

  • Deadeye Tracker (Rare - Creature - XLN)

  • Driven // Despair (Rare - Spell - HOU)

  • Uncage the Menagerie (Mythic - Spell - RIX)

  • Spiritmonger (Elite - Creature - XLN)

The Macabre Chupacabras are a ravenous bunch and will stop at nothing to destroy your goats. They will explore new places in search of food. If they can't find it, they will turn your creatures into goats before eating them.

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