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So, like many of you I'm playing the HoD Bolas event. I'm sitting at 119 points and a perfect score with still some nodes to clear. Then, a small network connection loss (about 2 seconds) totally locks up the game. I can no longer open the PW screen, check objectives or match gems. Cursing angrily, I close the app and try again. This time, to prevent any more damage, I try a fight in TG. Greg has a creature on board and it's his turn. He makes a swap and I'm waiting for his creature to attack me. However, nothing happens. My PW is greyed out and Greg is highlighted (because it's his turn). After waiting some more, still nothing happens. I restart my entire phone (again cursing angrily) and try again. All seems to work correctly again.

Now... my question to the developers is: Is it possible to save the game state somewhere locally on the phone? If there is a slight disconnect, the game can "read" the last state after the connection is restored. Something like Windows hibernation? This will prevent a lot of people getting frustrated over and over again because of the instability of the game. During the same time, some of my team mates complained about the app rebooting out of the blue.

What's the point of leveling your PWs, collecting all the cool cards to create some awesome decks if you can't use them reliably when it matters most in these high reward events?

Oh, I'm past the point of submitting yet another ticket, only to hear the same default questions over and over again and "we can't compensate for possible future outcomes". That will only add to the frustration. The measly two seconds have become the difference between 300 unobtainium + 150 crystals and 40 unobtainium + 75 crystals. 260 unobtainium is a lot of Across Ixalan events to play...

Maybe there are some software developers here that can think and assist the devs? 


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