Not Getting Hero Points

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I am playing Scotland Yard and just got a 10 Hero Points reward, but my total did not increase.  This is at least the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened since I started playing MPQ several months back.  It already TOO LONG to get 500 to open new roster spots and now I get screwed because it isn't adding what I have earned.
Hero Points are RARELY acquired yet every dang thing takes a bazillion to open up or purchase something.
Why can't we open slots or buy stuff with ISO??  I have a ton of that useless garbage since it won't even level up my characters anymore.
About ready to quit playing this game because it is unreliable and inconsistwnt and frustrating.


  • broll
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    Sorry to hear about your frustrations, if you feel you didn't get HP you earned open a ticket with Customer Support.  Here's a link to do that:

    This game is a long haul and you're not even through the first lap.  While it may seem your drowning in ISO now, if you keep with the game that will change, severely...  Also enjoy the 500 HP roster slots while they last.  Once you cross a certain threshold they will become 1000 HP per and they are that way up until 300 slows (which legend tells it turns to 2000 but few players have that many).

    All this to say it's a very long term game.  If you're this frustrated now, and you haven't really hit the real frustration points you probably either need to reset your expectations or evaluate if this is the right game for you.  Not trying to be negative, just trying to save you frustration and/or level set your expectations on how this game works.  

    Good luck!
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    I wish I could trade you some of my hp for some of your tons of iso. Once you reach the point that you are ready to start champing 3*s, iso becomes the hard-to-get-enough-of resource, and it will stay that way for a looong time. I'm in the champing 4*s stage of the game, and I rarely have any amount of iso on hand.