Single Coalition seeks Family

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After mucking around with a couple of random moribund coalitions, I started one of my own -- Scroungers. I invited a couple of IRL friends who also play MTGPQ rather casually to join up so we could chat in-game, and maybe I could help earn them a few rewards to help them pad their card collections (they're new to the game). To that end, I've posted a recruitment ad in the stickied thread -- the more active members we have, the more everyone benefits, or so I've gathered. But recruitment that way seems to be a rather slow process and I'm looking for ways to speed it up.

So here's my idea: I make my Scroungers coalition available for one of your bigger coalition "families" to use as a farm team -- if you have more players respond to your recruitment ads than you have slots available to them, send the overflow our way, then monitor their progress on our leaderboards to see if they're worth calling up to the big league the next time a spot opens up. You get a new recruitment tool, I get to borrow and develop fresh talent to earn bigger event rewards for my mates before sending them on to you -- everybody wins.

PM me if you're interested.