Marvel Insider: Rewards reset?

grenadier Posts: 135 Tile Toppler
I cashed in my Insider points for Hero Coins last October, and now I've reached 300,000 again.  So of course, I went back for more, only to find that there is a limit of one redemption per account for that reward.

It seems like that limit should reset after a certain amount of time has passed. That, or offer a new, slightly different bundle of coins.  I'm pretty sure the MPQ rewards at Marvel Insider have changed at least once in the past. Any chance of that happening again any time soon?


  • Shintok17
    Shintok17 Posts: 620 Critical Contributor
    I redeemed mine as well. It does say in the description that it is a 1 time redeem. The only other rewards for MPQ are 3*'s. They seem to have more rewards for Conquest Of Champions than this game.
  • boy_on_krypton
    boy_on_krypton Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    Given the limited options for accruing Hero Points, I really wish this option would stick around, or be replaced with a similar alternative.  I've been playing 1100+ days and still need 15 roster slots, excluding Limited and the requisite 1*.

    I've had to sell SO MANY 4* over the years that it seriously stings.