The Illuminati Family is Recruiting

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The Illuminati Family is looking for some permanent members. Spots are available in hybrid and PVE-only allis.     

We have three spots available in our t25 PVE and t25 PVP alli, Illuminati Ba.  Ba requirements are full progression in PVP and 105% PVE.    

We have one spot available in Illuminati Kr, which is t25 PVE and t50 PVP.  Kr requirements are 120% PVE and 575 minimum for PVP.  

We also have two spots  in our t100 PVE alliance, Illuminati Ho, at this time.  The requirements for Ho are 105% PVE.  

We are a large family.  Our philosophy is all about balancing competitive achievement with a supportive community of players.   We primarily use Discord for chat (we have a pretty active community there), though we have a small presence on LINE.   

If you have any questions or are interested in joining us, shoot me a message.


  • Jrlrma
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    Hi, im looking for a new alliance. Im firmly in 3* land 13. 3* champs, and a full 2* farm. I hit max prgression in scl 5 easily and am transitioning to scl 6 in pve. Routinely finish w 400+ points in pvp events if that matters. I play every day. 

    Agent name: jrlrma
  • Ironsilvernyan
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    Hi I'm currently part of the alliance however I cant find the discord would you happen to have a link?
  • arejaygee
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    Hey—I’m sorry, but I left the alliance  quite a while ago.  I don’t have Permissions to invite.  I know Jhawkinc uses the forums, maybe try and send him a pm?  Sorry I’m not more help.