Welcome to Adventure Gnome!

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Welcome to the official forum for Adventure Gnome!
Adventure Gnome is a free-to-play game, where you help Rolf rebuild his garden in this crazy, action-based puzzle adventure! See how low you can go as you tap the way clear for the most adventurous gnome around! 

Collect numerous nuggets, jumbles of gems, and the most happenin’ gnome outfits as you clear the way for Rolf! Avoid traps and guide Rolf to the good stuff! 
Dig, roll, collect, repeat!

Download it on both iOS and Android using this handy-dandy LINK

Want to talk to other fellow Puzzle Miners? Perhaps you want to show off that brand spankin' new Gnome outfit you just got! Players can discuss all of that and more in our General Discussion sub-forum.

Are you looking for answers to questions of the frequently-answered variety? Check out our F.A.Q. page!

Interested in following Rolf on all of his fun adventures? Well then take a look at all of his social media channels!