Battle of the four tribes: feedback

elwhiteninja Posts: 209 Tile Toppler
Being that this is the first run of the battle of the four tribes, I feel like some feedback is in order.

First I am liking the diversity and the themeyness of the opponents. The all seem to fit their RL counterparts really well. 

A couple things I think needed clarification in game: The nodes that have something special going on, like permanent supports and such, there was no way to know that we should be adding X creature type to our decks until after the first run through.

The scaling is a bit nuts especially considering how limited the cards are I know that the point of this is to feature Rivals and Ixilan cards but there have been very few free opportunites to earn them and the later stages are absolutely bonkers without those cards. I spent 60 rounds fighting Elena today. Got her down to 80 hp from 360 then she pulled 6 creature destruction cards in a row. I didnt know to bring vampires against her, and had no way to replenish anywhere close to as fast as she could.
  • The permanent supports mixed with the constructed decks to take advantage of them seem a bit too strong. Couple that with insane HP and mana gen and these fights are super long and tedious. Elena was probably the worst fight I ever experienced since MPQ did the first Galactus run. She has at least 2 creature removal spells, the ability to regen her vampires ad nausium and everything has lifelink. I am all for challenging but 30 minutes for one fight seems a bit nuts (granted I dont have the best cards in the world but).
  • I think that these enemies either need vastly lower HP/Mana gen or maybe a bit weaker decks. Not to mention some are just super annoying and take forever to take their turns (golden guardian's turns take forever when he gets the support out that changes tiles to loyalty).
I am actually enjoying this PVE a good deal I just think it needs a bit of tweaking.