Better Coalition Communication Tools

SystemSystem Posts: 806 Critical Contributor
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  • LarsLars Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    Would any players be interested in some in-game tools which would aid in construction of bigger and better coalitions, for example, inter-coalition chat, and the ability to temporarily or permanently link 2 or more smaller coalitions into a super coalition? Just some blue sky thinking here...
  • khurramkhurram Posts: 983 Critical Contributor
    Yes. Do people even use the current in-game chat?
  • ElfNeedsFoodElfNeedsFood Posts: 944 Critical Contributor
    I think that having the larger communities on Discord or Slack or Line is fine. Let’s let the game dev team work on the core game and leave the chat functions to apps that do that way better than an enhanced chat side project would ever be within the game. 
  • ElfNeedsFoodElfNeedsFood Posts: 944 Critical Contributor
    And as far as I’ve seen the slack and discord groups both will let anyone join their folds just for asking. 
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