Field of Ruin's on-destruction ability not working [Investigating]

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Field of Ruin
Support Card, cost: 6

At the beginning of your turn, convert 2 gems to their [the opponent's?] Planeswalker's colors. When this support is destroyed, destroy a Land your opponent controls, convert 3 gems to your Planeswalker's colors, then convert 3 gems to your opponent's Planeswalker's colors.

The beginning-of-turn ability works just fine for me, but I have never seen the other abilities trigger when the support is destroyed, whether through the effects of a spell (like Demolish) or by matching it with other gems. For what it's worth, I have never had my Field of Ruin destroyed with an opponent's Land support on the board -- do the gem conversions only take place if Field of Ruin gets to destroy a Land first?

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  • ZW2007-
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    I would like some clarity on how this is supposed to work in general. It seems that it is converting gems to my opponents color at the beginning of my turn. The wording is vague at best so I can't tell if this is correct or bugged. I am currently using it with Liliana against an Ajani Undying it is definitely converting gems to green and white not to black like I assumed it would.