Liliana's second ability not working

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I was testing Liliana for the next ToS and her second ability does not work anymore. I had three rotbeasts out when i used bontu'slast reckoning to reset the board. Then I used her second ability to get one rotbeast back, but it didn't work.
Now we are a few hours before an event that require her and her second ability doesn't work.
I know it is not working for anyone, but it would be nice to have the event tested before running them


  • joerginger
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    They have never tested anything, we do. :( Why would you expect things to change all of a sudden?
  • G_pretender
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    I loaded my L3 deck on TG so I could setup a situation to test her abilities and they both worked just fine. So one of two things happened, either the creature you thought was a zombie isn't or at least the game isn't treating it as one, or, more likely, Bontu's last reckoning is exiling  rather than destroying the creatures.

    One way to test is to cast bontu's with embalm creatures on the board and see if the embalm gems appear. 
  • gogol666
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    Thanks, I also saw the ability working. As you said the problem might be bontu or I might have missed some other spells interacting with the graveyard (if we could only see the graveyard)