Game Freezes/Locks up when a pop-up is recieved [Investigating]

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Since yesterday's update the game has been frequently freezing. The only way I can work around the lock up is to force close and re-launch the app. It seems to be happening when I receive a pop-up in game. For example, it happened when I got the pop-up to claim a reward from the Shield Sim PVP, and then again when I was notified of losing points in the shield sim while I was playing in the HotShot PVP. It does not happen every time I receive a pop-up notification. 

These are just two recent examples, but the issue has been frequent over the last 24 hours or so. All play was done on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. For the 2 examples given I was connected to a strong WiFi signal and battery was over 90%.

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  • Brigby
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    @nobleeagle Thanks for reporting this issue! I'll pass this along to QA for review and investigation. In addition, would you mind submitting a support ticket? Doing so would allow CS to pass along your device/account info, so the team can investigate more in depth.

    You can submit a ticket here:
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    I already submitted a support ticket (390587) before I made this post. I've since received the canned "we cannot help with freezes" response. 
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    @Brigby It looked like my issue got reopened when I got an email asking for more info, which I provided Then, I experienced more freezes today so I replied with an update describing them. After that I got a response that asked for info about my device, which I provided. Now I have another closure response, this time with a canned reply about experiencing crashes, which isn't even the issue I'm experiencing.