After-Tournament Results & Analysis...

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After a tournament ends, all we get is a few vague confirmation dialogs that present the spoils of our efforts. As a competitive tournament player (with a serious case of data nerd tendencies), I would like a mechanism to see:

* My EXACT finishing placement in the tournament, not just "top 25" - it's one of my biggest complaints - I spend a week fighting for a top spot, slip back a few rungs during the last minute, and I don't know if I missed the tier I was going for by 1 spot or by 15.
* How many matches I played
-- Date / Timestamped would be great
-- Who I played against
-- An easy way to view their level vs. my level - I have to play against a lot of teams that are wayyyy over my levels
^^^ This info can help me decide who to skip - what's the threshold for being out of my league?
^^^ I write this stuff down manually anyway sometimes, automate it for me please
* My boost usage statistics
-- How many used of which kinds for the duration of the tournament
-- Win/Loss analysis of using boosts or not (I'll keep using them for ends of tourneys, no question)
* The final standings of all players in the tournament
-- Details about each player and the cards they used, if possible - I don't know how much match history you keep, but I assume...... all of it? Spread the love to us data nerds!
* A way to view my all-time tournament placements / averages / trends so that I can answer questions like:
-- Am I getting better or worse over time?
-- What mix of characters has produced the best results?
-- I would use the data to help inspire others to play ("See what I accomplished in MPQ? You can too! It's not just about collecting the covers!")
-- I would build my own pivot tables if I could get at the raw data!
* Global bracket information published post-tournament
-- How many brackets, overall finishers and their teams/stats

Also, new players may be more likely to help contribute (HP purchases most likely) if they see a historical record of tournaments in some way. Just like seeing a list of lottery winners - they could imagine themselves in their shoes, placing high and enjoying the spoils of their hard-earned victories.



  • I agree and asked for this exact thing several weeks ago. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=99
    Adding this as well as implementing one of the suggestions regarding the ending times of tournaments would really add to the enjoyment of the game.