Phoenix family has spots open! Home to three of the current top five placing coalitions.

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Hello and welcome. If you’re like me, you’re probably reading this now because you’re looking for a new group to play with. Maybe you’re the only one in your current coalition who is active, or are possibly all alone in a coalition, or just aren’t fitting in with whoever you’re playing with now. Maybe you don’t even know what these coalitions are yet. No matter what, we can help you out with all these matters. 

We are the Phoenix Family and we use Slack (Third Party App) to communicate between our groups. We have channels dedicated for building, strategy, as well as many others. Our members consist of people from across the world in almost every time zone, with players ranging from those who have played from day one to the newest recruit who just downloaded the game. 

Our family consists of teams ranging in every rewards tier, from the Top 2 down. Our family includes:

Top 2 placement 

YouHave1Job (D3valued) #2 All-Time

Top 10 placement 

SWWAgain (4pdaru)#4 All-Time 

 Urzas1egacy (D3ad1egacy) #15 All-Time

Top 25 placement




Top 50 Placement



Top 100 Placement


You can contact us on here or email and we would be happy to welcome you into our family!


  • deletedgone
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    This really is the best group of coalitions.

    People who want to be competitive rise very quickly.  Players who want to be more casual and just hit progression always have a place.

    The leadership group is always working to make sure coalitions stay full and everyone is happy.  They even made a special corner in our Slack for me and my potty mouth.
  • GingerFever19
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    I'll second this.  I joined about a month ago and have excelled as a player more than I ever thought I could in such a short time.  Our Family leaders are actively engaged in helping us find the best position in the Family, based on our play preferences and skill, such tgat the coalition experience is as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

    It's been a fantastic experience so far.  I would strongly encourage anyone who either wants to grow in their game, or work with a fantastic group of players, to give the Phoenix Family a test run.  See you there!
  • godiva
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    Cool. I'd like to join an active coalition. I started a couple weeks ago and I've very active. F2P player. Doing pretty well so far; able to complete all the Trials entirely (most of the time). A pretty good yardstick of where I measure out is I can't yet beat Tyrant of Valakut on Oath of the Gatewatch - Part II (****, that guy is insane). Anyway, would like to start contributing my coalition points to an active one and hopefully getting some benefit back out of the coalition. Thanks! My username in the game is same as here.
  • Opperstamper
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    This is true, a very nice group of players. Friendly, insightful and understanding. I was hesitant to join, overwhelmed by the big group, but now I'm here I want to stay!
  • GingerFever19
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    Did i see that Phoenix had their coalitions snag the top 2 spots in the Return of the God Pharaoh this morning?  Very nice!!!
  • Ejmoose
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    Yes a big congratulations to both YouHave1Job and Urzas1egacy to taking both Top 2 spots this event!!! 

    We are still looking to fill a few of our groups out currently: 
    1 Top 50 spot open
    2 Top 100 spots open

    You can message us on here, me through DM, or via email at 
  • Enygma6
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    I threw my lot in with this mangy crew about 6 months ago, went from essentially solo-ing my old inactive coalition with top-500 finishes in RotGP, now all the way to sneaking in top-2 finishes with Urzas1egacy.  

    While I was enjoying the game early on, being part of the bigger family definitely helped.  From deck building ideas and boss mode strategy sharing to having understanding souls with whom to share dirty jokes, it really enhanced my participation and kept me involved with the game far beyond what I could have done solo.  

    I definitely recommend reaching out to the group if you're looking for something more, casual to hardcore or anywhere in between.
  • JMussels
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    As a YH1J lifer I can attest to the knowledge base available in the Phoenix Family.  There are awesome people here that can give advice and theory-craft to help you stay ahead of the ever-shifting Standard and changing objectives.  If you're not in the Family yet, you're doing it wrong!  
  • Daddystyx
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    As the former leader of YH1J and the highest scoring player in the game this family was instrumental to my success over the past year and a half.   
  • BenRama
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    Being a part of Phoenix Fam has not only upped my game (regularly top and 2nd tier in gold pvp), but my enjoyment of the game overall has increased significantly. The community is super helpful with not just deck building tips and strategies, they are cool people to just shoot the *&%$ with. I highly recommend anyone looking to get more out of MTGPQ to sign up!
  • boopers
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    I joined Phoenix in June last year, and was almost immediately asked to start PickledUrza to meet their rapid growth at the time. I had fun with that for 6 months, then was able to pass the batton to someone else. Then I helped out in Urzas1egacy, Embalmed, and Urzas5aga. Now I’m doing a tour of duty in Yh1j. 

    The point? Phoenix is flexible. You have not pkayvto the level of completition you are able and prepared to commit to. If you go on vacation, no issues. If you want to play casual, no issues. Want to play more competitively, there are 50 people ready to help you get there. But most importantly... even out most casual group still hits top 100. 
  • Elolim
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    We are a positive bunch of people and we have fun with MtGPQ, which is the most important.
  • Sarahschmara
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    This group has the best emojis. And they are also quality people with really smart ideas about card combos. 
  • WolfEkoms
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    Hi Phoenix family,

    From my understanding, you have a group of coalitions spreading over a different range of ranking. By chance, do you have a spot for a newer player? Until I catch up with the rest, I am aware I probably cannot output the same amount of progress/contribution as everyone else, so I would appreciate getting a spot in a lower ranking coalition. I am looking for a good group to play with to have fun, grow and reap the rewards together.