What's everyone's favorite Ultron Boss team?

Like the title says, what team do you normally run and how to you pilot it? I look forward to everyone's input and success out there!



  • Dormammu
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    Boosted Hulkbuster Iron Man will be my go-to in the later rounds when Ultron has more health. I like to put Cyclops (either 3-star or 4-star will work) with him to help generate red for HB's big nuke. I'll add 3-star Iron Fist to generate black, which HB can convert to more red if needed.

    Ultron gets pretty rough in the later rounds, he's a fun boss. Teams have to be fast.
  • HoundofShadow
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    Can new player reply too?

    I was using 3* Hawkeye and Dr. Ock to match away Ultron's Special tiles, but it didn't activate at all. 

    Anyway, I'll be using Rogue, Dr. Doom and Scarlet Witch/3* Deadpool in the next round. Ultron's strongest colour is black, so I brought in Dr Doom to accelerate Rogue's devasting attack.
  • renfox
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    In the past, I've used Captain America as a last-ditch effort to kill Ultron's tiles but if you don't do it high enough, you lose your  AP.

    So far I've been trying Teams with Deadpool just to chop Ultron down to size with A Little Off the Top, then whatever else has board destruction and sustain like Daken and XF Wolvie, sometimes Magneto for his blue swap.
  • modok47
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    Rogue or Hulk Buster , with Cloak and Dagger with Ghost Rider ; Ghost Rider will be useful in the later levels. 
  • Dormammu
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    modok47 said:
    Ghost Rider will be useful in the later levels. 
    Yeah he will. Get his team-ups now.
  • Anon
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    Xpool is pretty fun with his purple, especially if several traps are on the bottom row and Ultron nukes himself.

    Scarlet Witch helps speed things up.
  • DAZ0273
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    I do enjoy using Deadpool's Countdown for What on this boss although my XFDP will get scaled out after a bit.

    Otherwise with boosted Hulkbuster it is difficult to look past teams that build him up to one-shot. Rogue and Carol work nicely also against Ultron's strong black.
  • broll
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    This time I'm using 5* DD, 5* Thor, and 5* Gambit, like 90% or more of all nodes.  #WelcomeTo5*
    Not really complaining though, so far we're in round 6 and only one bomb has hit the bottom of the screen.
  • Quebbster
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    This last round I used 5* Hawkeye, C4rol and De4dpool. Worked well enough, but Hawkeye kept fortifying Deadpool's countdowns so Ultron couldn't destroy them. At least they clogged up the bottom of the board a bit.
  • jym010
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    Carol, HB and XPool have been running well.  Two nuke abilities is always nice, especially with Carol and HB boosted.
  • Punisher5784
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    Carol, Rogue and XFDP are doing great! Strongest color is black, so Carol's green passive damages and generates AP, Rogue's green generates triple black AP when matches, and XPDP's purple makes CDs on black that deal massive damage when destroyed at the bottom.

    This is the first time I've played Ultron since I arrived to 4* land. For those still in 3/2* land, I used to utilize 2/3* Captain America, GSBW and IM40. I've also used 2/3* Cap with 2/3* Thor and MNMags. It won't always work, but it works enough to stop those bombs!

  • ZootSax
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    Through Round 5, 3* Cap, IM40 & Gwenpool are still getting it done comfortably.  Cap is really only there to protect against stray bombs until Gwenpool can go off, with Gwenpool's black being a good "get out of jail free" card for Steve & Tony if things turn south...at least for one turn.  The biggest trick is timing your recharge based on the yellow tiles available on the board.  
  • Richyyy
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    I ran into that nice synergy between Rogue and Carol as well. Rogue's red can punch a hole to destroy a bomb or two as well, and if you have to take a bomb she mitigates the damage if you make sure she's in front to take it. Hadn't used her much before, but she's been very useful for this event.
  • Sim Mayor
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    I've been using Gr4mora to whittle him down before he knocks all of my special tiles off the board, and then a random tank to take any bombs that make it to the bottom row before I can nuke him the rest of the way. My XFDP didn't last long enough to fire anything useful off, and he clobbered my Hulkbuster on the turn before I could fire his red  :/

    My wife is a bit lower level than me, so she's been experimenting with various tank / feeder / nuke teams in 3* land. Her current fave is GSBW and Grock3t with Colossus, generating a ton of board shake that always seems to take out the bombs (RNG loves her more than it does me).
  • jtsings
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       I've been using Champed C4rol 5/5/3, champed Medusa 3/5/5, and champed Ir3n Fist.  I chase black first of all then go after yellow.  Sometimes I have to use IF3 to provide the black for C4rol.  Several times I've been lucky to match most of Ultrons bombs, through round 7 at least, and he actually goes down on match damage alone.  If you have enough yellow, you can even stop Medusa's countdown to further enhance C4rol's already beefy strike tiles.
  • TPF Alexis
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    I've been using Rogue/C4rol as well since he leveled up past what Grockamora could handle. Using GSBW as my third right now, for her purple, since I don't have any of the other Boosted 4* Champed.
  • macgawel
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    C4rol, (newly champed) vulture and...2mag B)
    Use vulture to accelerate 2mag blue.
    And C4rol Yellow to fire it.
    Add some boosts, and voilà :)
  • gmtosca
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    I tried Rogue/C4rol/XFDP earlier but since DP's not fully covered, the team was not effective during the latter rounds.   I tried Rogue/C4rol/GSBW and it's surprisingly more effective.
  • Punisher5784
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    macgawel said:
    C4rol, (newly champed) vulture and...2mag B)
    Use vulture to accelerate 2mag blue.
    And C4rol Yellow to fire it.
    Add some boosts, and voilà :)

    I love this!!! Can't destroy the bombs.. so let's destroy the entire board! I miss MNMags. I always loved the blue. Wish it wasn't so expensive though
  • Ace11122
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    C4rol, coulson, and HBIM. Coulson purple to feed red, yellow, or red.