GoblinPile, the top coalition, is looking to recruit!

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GoblinPile is again looking for new, permanent members. Check my signature block to take our application survey. Or, if you can't be bothered to scroll down a bit, click here.

Also, check out our Charter below:

This is the official GoblinPile recruitment thread.

GoblinPile Charter

What GoblinPile is all about: Getting mythics, and having fun!

What is our collective goal: Being the best there ever was.

How can someone become a Goblin: Fill out our survey during open recruitment periods. Current Goblins vote on new Goblins from among applicants who meet minimum requirements. Event results are important, but not everything. We also do not discriminate based on your card collection or your Mastery tier.

How do we stay competitive: Our coalition ranks will always contain more than 20 people. For each event, the 20 top-performing goblins who are available to play will join the Pile. Performance will be determined by using the average percentage score from the last 4 non-vacation events (Yes, you read that right! We give out vacation time!). We will attempt to find temporary homes for any Goblins rotating out at the end of an event. This way, those Goblins who still want to play can avoid missing out on coalition prizes.

How do people leave: By choice.

What if there are disagreements: EMOJI WAR! Final arbiter: Madwren. In reality though, we are all pretty even-keeled, so disagreements never occur. We're a pretty welcoming bunch; not the "Toxic Elite" people seem to think we are!

Alliance charter addendums:
- Private coalition channel is invite only and may not be suited for the faint of heart, or those lacking in nerd cred. Language restriction loosened within reason. Inclusive and welcoming attitudes are still expected.
- Members are expected to have Slack accounts and join the private channel to discuss strategies and coordinate event participation.

Don't be shy! Message me if you've got any questions, or if you just wanna chat about the game!


  • Sarahschmara
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    It’s hard to find a more dedicated group of skilled players. The worst part is they’re also really nice so it’s impossible to hate them!
  • ZW2007-
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    If the survey doesn't seem your style, send me a PM and we can chat on here or I can get you an invite to our public slack channel to chat. It hasn't been a walk in the park keeping the Pile at the top of the...pile and that is why we try to recruit the best of the best but don't be shy about trying to get a spot. Do we turn people away? Yes, but that is because there is finite space in a coalition and we do not have multiple coalitions under a single umbrella. The good news is, we have made plenty of friends over the years and can still help you find a coalition that suits you best. I'm fairly certain that a lot of players really do think we are the Toxic Elite but we're pretty cool, honest. I'm totally not just saying that.
  • Matthew
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    Invitations are still open!

    We are looking for players with a good sense of competition, team spirit, and a willingness to exchange ideas. Next weekend's event, the Battle of the Four Tribes, features a Mythic for both personal progression and team placement. If you like the idea of a new mythic, a pile of jewels and crystals, and crafting orbs, then please reach out! We would love to talk to you!
  • CosmicBaby
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    I reckon I have the chops for this. Msg me. You know you want it. Rowr.
  • ZW2007-
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    It has been over a year since this thread has seen any action, so let's change that. We're in the market for a handful of players right now. These players would mostly function as short-term substitutes in the beginning, filling in for permanent members that need to miss an event for one reason or another. With dedication, and good performance, you could earn a permanent spot on the roster. Do the survey or PM me if interested, or both. Thanks
  • MrHolland420
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    Looking to join!