Updates to Race to Orazca (3/5/18)

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Hi Everyone,

We've heard a lot of feedback and sentiment from players, when it comes to the new Ixalan event, Race to Orazca. The team has definitely been reviewing them, and with the release of 2.5.0, players will be seeing some changes to the event that should make the experience much more appealing.

What's Changing:
  • Event Duration will be reduced to 46 hours, as opposed to the previous 70 hours.
  • Recharge rates are now set to 8 hours
  • Initial Charges will be set to 2, and Max Charges will be set to 3
  • Objectives have been adjusted slightly to be easier
In addition to these changes to event settings, we will also be running the event during the weekday, as opposed to the usual weekend schedule.
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