Shielded Defense Wins

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Im shielded at 875 Points, trying to reach the 900 points.
Waiting to shield hop. 
8 hours remain. I’m in 35th place. CL 7.
While waiting I am attacked and lose no points.
Could have lost ~30 each match if no shield.
While waiting I am attacked and win :) some points. Very little points though. Attacked by players with ~700 - 800 points. 
Only gain +5 points for the shield win?
Why so little points if I would have lost 30 points to someone who is ~700-800 points?
The Math makes no sense?
My logic says, hey if I’m worth 30 points to that player, and if I shield win at least give me 50% or more for the win. ~15-20 points.
My other logic is, will this cause some players to lose so they can shield jump your points to a high degree? That’s just stupid because if a player tried doing that, they would need at least ~600 points to give you a good amount of points. Plus this whole PvP session of so many players would be hard to find that player you’d like to give points to any how. 
In conclusion, why do I only gain little points for a shield win as opposed to possibly losing so many points if I did not defend with a shield? And please tell based of the information above^^^^^
I have read so forums explains points though in my case, and I’m sure this happens to lots of players trying to hit 900, why this happens. Thanks!


  • TPF Alexis
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    I believe it's so that people can't boost their friends' scores by repeatedly attacking them and then immediately retreating. Or something like that. I know there is some way to abuse it if defensive wins are worth much more than as it stands.
  • Quebbster
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    Defensive wins used to be Worth a lot more, but people exploited it by starting matches with friends then immediately retreating to boost the friend's score. Thus, they changed it so the defender only got a fraction of the Points the attacker lost.

    To compensate the change they also increased the Points by 50% - Before the change the max Points available was 50 and an average match was Worth 25 Points, after the change the max Points is 75 and the average match is Worth 38 Points.