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Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce that Oktagon will be having their own internal Community Manager browsing the forum and helping players out:
@Oktagon_Daiane said:

Hi! Nice to meet you all! Let me introduce myself. My name is Daiane and I'm the Community Manager of the Oktagon Team. From now on, I will be on the forum reading your suggestions and answering some questions.
I know many of you are excited about having an Oktagon team member engaging with the community, so I wanted to let everyone know more about her role here, and what players can expect from her.

For now, she will primarily be focusing on discussions that involve the more prominent development problems that Oktagon can assist with resolving. (For example, Coalition account lock-outs or the Booster Crafting bugs that occurred during launch) She will be on the ground-level, keeping an eye out for major issues like these, so the team is able to react even faster. For the minor issues that don't dramatically impact player experience, please continue to use the Bugs & Technical Issues sub-forum to report them, as I will still be sweeping through that section to compile those bugs .

She will also be proactively gathering and responding to feedback, however I must respectfully request that players be mindful when choosing to tag or message her. We know that players are very passionate about many elements of the game, so we want to make sure that her time on the forums is spent as efficiently as possible. If the topic is not of pressing concern, then please reach out to myself or Lakestone instead.

With that said, please join me in giving a warm welcome to Daiane, Oktagon's Community Manager!
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