Roster battle- New Game Mode

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A play on PvP with a PVE element:

You choose a team to resist or to challenge, or both.


  • If you resist you set a 9 character team which will appear in 3 waves of 3 (much like PVE wave nodes). 
  • Choosing to resist will come with a HP cost to register your team for CL7 and higher.
  • Once registered a team does not/cannot be changed for 24 hours (after which you need to do part 2 again if you want to change it)
  • The more challengers you resist the more direct rewards you receive and the better overall rewards at the end of the event rotation. 
  • Like PVP defensive wins you dont need to use health packs
  • Unlike PvP currently you cannot shield
  • Cannot use boosts for your team
  • Cannot use team ups
  • Event will be split into two top ranking systems. Most points. Most defensive wins.
  • The event will all be based on your idea of what your strongest roster is.

  • Challengers can cycle through possible resist teams to attack. 
  • You choose your 3 best characters to go against your opponents best 9 characters. 
  • You can skip fights if you wish
  • Can use boosts and team ups
  • Based on the roster strength of the resist teams they will be assigned points, leader boards based on current cycle of 3-7 fays.
  • Clicking on a players name will show the team they have chosen, No surprises....unlike PvE

  • Rewards will be given for most defensive wins, and most points overall.
  • Progression rewards for gaining points (like current PvP)
  • Defensive wins gives direct rewards of ISO, Tokens, HP, Health Packs, Boosts etc (New)

I believe:
  • In depth strategy needed to defeat enemies 
  • in depth strategy needed to create resist team
  • Overpowered teams will fight each other
  • Weaker teams can register for free so they will see each other to fight
  • Having too strong a team will mean challengers will avoid you so you wont get defensive wins
  • Having to weak a team means you will get hit too much and no defensive wins.
  • Those who dont want to challenge and just set a team to resist can and still receive some rewards for a defensive win
What do people think?

Possible pit falls/advantage?

Would people be interested?


  • Smart80
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    Sorry, but i cant see this work. Same levels rosters, you’ll get no defensive wins and if facing other levels it will be too hard or too easy..

    And most of all, good luck selling more wave fights.... ;-)