More inclusive forum sections and rules

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Currently a discussion on the nature and execution of the forums has been moved to "Off Topic", however the off-topic section is currently a catch-all for all and anything and is NOT under the MtGPQ banner:
Meaning that people who are just interested in MtGPQ and regular use the forums and have an interest in such will not ever see it or know to look for it.
It does not even have the normal "Moved" flag that other posts do to tell people to go look for it, if I hadn't seen it I would never have known to look for it. At least put a "Moved" tag back in General for it...

We need a place where we are able to talk about how the forums should operate in order to STOP us posting things that need to be moved or joined or split in the first place.
The long term health of the forum is better served by constructive conversation about it. And, yes, there will be silliness or whatever a bit, but that is a needed part of talking about such dull protocol business.

So... Make a part of the forum (just the MtGPQ forum, not the overall d3go one that most people never see) where it _is_ right to talk about these things.
They aren't offtopic, they are about the community and the community is part of what gives the game longevity.

Out of the existing tags "General Discussion" probably _is_ the correct place. 

Whereas there are other posts in that forum that belong in Coalitions or Tips or Events.


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