Summarize Tile Damage on Assemble Team Screen

To identify who would match which colors for what damage. Something along the lines of this:



  • Clintman
    Clintman Posts: 757 Critical Contributor
    I really like this.
  • Wow, this is a really good idea. IceX, we need TOP men on this.
  • Yes, this is perfect. Add one more overlay that you can get to with a button-press, that shows a table with the damage types and each character's value, too. It's useful to know who is next in the line-up if someone gets downed.

    Actually, it would be useful in general to be able to display that table with all of your characters. Right now I have to manually enter the info into a spreadsheet.
  • It would also remove the ambiguity when two characters appear to be tied in strength. I understand the values are actually decimal and only rounded to integers for on-screen display. So that often there isn't really a tie.
  • I really like this idea. On a similar note, on the screen before this, it would be nice if the level of the character's abilities was shown. It shows which ones they have, but not how strong they are in them. For instance, I'll take out a BW modern right away if she has a level 5 widow's sting, but not if she has a level 2 stun. It's just nice to know these things going into the battle.
  • Actually, I don't understand why all the 'default' characters don't have access to all their covers. If the purpose of their use is for storyline purposes and to introduce the player to new heros, why not give them access to all their powers?
  • FoxInSox
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    Brilliant idea! I strongly dislike going into battle thinking that a tankish character is going to be doing most of the damage only to see that instead this particular level of teammate (with little to no health) is taking all the damage instead. Also, it's currently impossible to predict who will match env tiles when they all say 3 until you start the round. Something like this would remove all ambiguity from the latter.
  • This is a great idea.